Monday, March 26

ICM tempt us with three more softskins in production

ICM Holdings 
have sent details of three kits marked "In Production" and hopefully soon to be released. It seems everyone is over panthers and Tigers and now the new fashion is softskin vehicles and high ranking officers to travel inside them!

Take a look as we show you some new pictures, any information we can glean and some CAD images of these new models.

First of all the latest saloon car in ICM's range - the:

Admiral Saloon, WWII German Staff Car

Kit number  35472

Scale: 1:35
The detailed under-shell of this vehicle shows impressive beginnings

The Opel Saloon passenger car had increased comfort with powerful engine Admiral was the top class of the Opel pre-war model range, and from February 1938 till October 1939 only 6404 cars were produced. In the beginning of the war most of the cars was requisitioned and used as personal transport for senior officers of Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe.
More CAD images of the Admiral in profile from the outside

 Admiral`s Cars were produced in different types, and in particular 3500 cars had closed saloon bodies.Highly detailed chassis, engine and interior. 4 versions decal sheet included.
A few more CAD images of the sprues already

 WWII German Staff Personnel - a new kit with two officers from the German Wermacht (one a staff officer with the distinctive red striped trousers) along with their female aid and driver.
 The set includes four figures of WWII German Staff Personnel – general, officer, servicewoman of Auxiliary Signals and driver.The set may be used in dioramas with WWII German passenger cars models.
 ICM have built this kit which looks to be great competition to the resin (and expensive) IBG kit of the Einheitsdiesel Kfz61 Radio truck -  the CAD images of the kit look pretty impressive and this should be a winner even if it is just as good as the resin kit, being in styrene plastic many modellers will choose this over resin kits.
More Cad images of this impressive and multi-use vehicle
The actual Vehicles in action
 Check out ICM’s site for more information on these and their other newest kits…