Monday, April 9

Bronco preview their 1/35th scale Su-152 “Beast Killer”

 We have scant information as yet but we have some images of Bronco’s new Su-152 self-propelled heavy howitzer–come-tank killer from late World War II – it looks big an beefy and a worthy sized adversary to your large German armour – let’s take a look at what Bronco are offering…

This soviet tank killer - made from the merging of a KV-1 hull and a 152mm howitzer was called the Zveroboy or “beast Killer” by the Russians and was designed to fight the heavy and just as lethally armed German main armour it faced late in the war – this massive tank destroyer has been modelled by Bronco in 1/35 with some interesting features (- Bronco have marked them in RED to show the difference to other  Su-152's on the market)Let's look at what Bronco promise with this release…

 CB35109 - SU-152 Late-Production – 1/35th scale:
·         An interesting slide moulded 152mm gun barrel
 ·         Breech mechanism with working action!!
 ·         Realistic gun recoil action and elevation
 ·         Detailed driving compartment & gunner's seat
 ·         Engine hatches can be open or closed  - giving you a great view of a fully detailed engine
 ·         Open or closed position on all hatches (including escape hatches), & periscope details are recreated as well
 ·         Photo Etch details of the rear grilles, handles and other tiny details.
 ·         Decals for German  captured and three soviet versions are provided
 ·         Realistic road wheels & running gear - Sprockets, and idlers are slide moulded
·         Tracks are movable and quite detailed
 ·         Workable torsion wheels
  ·         Tools and OVM included (of course)

 ·         Slide moulded very detailed complete hull
  Well that is it until we learn more later – when we do we will post it here in our update!

 Till then check out Bronco’s Website for more info and distributors