Saturday, August 31

TankArt III Modern Armor from Rinaldi Studio Press is now on sale,and if you get in quickly at a discounted price and signed by the author....

With a massive build-up (sometimes this is healthy) after their ground-breaking Tank Art 1 & 2 books, Rinaldi Studios has officially announced their third opus in the series – this time on modern armoured vehicles – can you tell what the title is yet? Yep – ladies and gentlemens… “TANKART 3 – Modern Armor” is here – let’s have a look at what is instore for us all…

Rinaldi studio Press – TankArt 3 – Modern Armour Preview
The time has come for Rinaldi Studio Press to formally announce the next book in their growing TANKART series from Rinaldi Studio Press. Shipping in Late September 2013 their latest book “TANKART 3 Modern Armor” -  this book features…

6 full model chapters, 5 by Michael Rinaldi (2 brand new projects) - 1 by guest author Andy Taylor
2 dedicated technique chapters
208 pages, softcover, special LayFlat Binding, matt varnish

Over 500 large, high resolution images

Unique Dual-text format to explain the "How" and the "Why's" of painting and weathering
1) A special pre-order price of $27.95USD plus shipping. This price is effective from thru Sept 15, 2013. On Sept 16, 2013 the regular cover price of $29.95USD goes into permanent effect.

2) We are adding two new Combo Packs. Combo Pack 2 contains all 3 books. Combo Pack 3 is for TA 2 & 3 only.

3) Stock is very limited on TANKART 1, which also limits stock of Combo Pack 1 and 2.

4) The first 50 pre-orders for TANKART 3 within each region (150 total) will received a signed copy. 50 for North America, 50 for Europe and 50 for Asia/Australia (to negate the differences in time zones). First come first served, and I will notify you after your order is processed if you are receiving a signed copy. This offer is effective for TANKART 3 and Combo Packs 2 & 3 -- only TA 3 will be signed per this special offer.
There is a special Pre-Order price of $27.95USD, two new Combo Packs added. Shipping in Late September 2013.

You can get this book at the special price – as well as several packages if you want the other books in the range – at their website