Tuesday, September 20

Amusing Hobby goes larger and more obscure with a 35th scale Jagdpanther II

Amusing Hobby carries on their line of paper panzers with one of the biggest hitters, and something that World of Tanks players will be familiar with, the mighty Jagdpanther II in 35th scale. We have some pictures in our preview of the built up example with some sprue and box art images.

Amusing Hobby’s Jagdpanther III New Item Preview:

Jagdpanther II
Amusing Hobby
Kit No# 35A011
1/35th scale
Expected release will be in November.
We have seen a few tanks with a real life limited production (or not at all produced in physical form) from Amusing Hobby and they have really filled a niche otherwise taken on by resin model makers – We have seen the VK series, the Loewe and Luchs in 35th scale that were great little kits – now they go large and theoretical again with the Jagdpanther II in 35th scale
Factory drawings of the prototype that was never produced.
A mock-up of the Jagdpanther
And the tank in WOT livery…
The Jagdpanther III – In “Reality”: German designers planned to build the Jagdpanther II, armed with 128mm gun and based on Panther II, but its design never reached it past the drawing board. Only one prototype of the Panther II hull was ever built, and it was captured by American Army and transported to Aberdeen U.S Army Proving Grounds (Maryland) for tests. Later, it was taken to Patton Armor Museum in Fort Knox, where it restored and remains on display. SO this tank is kind of whatever you would like to make it isn’t it?

The box art is pretty cool – 
we also have in plastic the test shot of the hull and upper armour…
As well as a runner of the mantlet, gun, engine and rear doors amongst a few other parts. We have nothing on the running gear and tracks yet – but we will let you know asap…
Here is the built up test kit – even though there is no size comparison it will be a big beast!
With a lot of spare tracks, tools and extras strapped to the hull. 
The obligatory tracks running over something picture shows the suspension will move just a little…
 More about this kit as soon as we see it - This kit will be available in November from Amusing Hobby's Distributors Worldwide.