Friday, September 30

Canfora Publishing opens its “Wingspan” again for another treat in large scale aircraft modelling...

The second book in the series dedicated to 1/32 scale aircraft is about to take off – we were very impressed with Volume I which we reviewed in this series – so when we found out that Vol II was on the way we were busting to look at what was inside. There is also a special pre-order discount to those eager beavers/ early adopters, so we thought we would let you know all the "Gen" in our new book preview...

Pre-Order discount Preview:
Wingspan Vol.2: 1/32 Aircraft Modelling

From Canfora Design & Publishing

Authors        Jan Kopecky, Dirk Polchow, Stepan Lasek, Mikael Terfors, Jan Abrahamsson, Toni Canfora, Ralph Riese, Bodo Cordes
ISBN            978-91-982325-4-7
Pages          128
Photos         300 (approx.) colour photos
Format         Soft cover
Retail price   £27 / Pre-Order 23€ (27€)
Available      Mid November 2016
Pre-Order from the product Link on the Canfora Website
Canfora Publishing make some very competent instructional, very in-depth, but most importantly some very beautiful books on modelling subjects. They have just released news of a second in their “Wingspan” set of books, that feature large scale aircraft as their focus. We thought we would take a look at this new edition and let you know about their pre-order discount they have currently in place...
The tag-line: “Big planes deserve a big format”
The second volume in Canfora Publishing’  exciting series continues to showcase the increasingly popular 1/32nd aircraft scale. The landscape format and large format photos afford the opportunity to explore the models closely, and to truly appreciate the level of detail achievable in this scale.
Full-page close-ups and overall views are combined with step-by-step instructions to depict each model to its full potential.

10 Full Featured Builds of these aircraft ( some we can see here):
F-4C Phantom II
BF 109F-4

Hurricane Mk.IIC
TA 152H-1

Felixstowe F.2A

JU 87G-1 Stuka
N1K2-J George

P-61 Black Widow

AV-8B Harrier II

Zero M2B
“Study the details up close” - Each model can be studied down to the last rivet, and serve as inspiration and guideline for your own future 1/32nd scale builds.
128 Total Pages in total
Illustrated Techniques in SBS (step by Step)
Multiple Photos of each aircraft
About the authors
All the contributors are very experienced modellers, and with aircraft in particular. They have been internationally awarded over the past decades and published in several magazines.
The talented team contributing to this book are ( in no particular order): Jan Kopecky, Dirk Polchow, Stepan Lasek, Mikael Terfors, Jan Abrahamsson, Toni Canfora, Ralph Riese, Bodo Cordes
Don't miss the new volume in this series - explore the full potential of 1/32 aircraft modelling with this new edition in the “Wingspan” series...for a short time at some discounted Pre-order prices.

23€ (27€) - Shipping starts early November.
43€ (54€) - Shipping starts early November. 

Check out the Canfora Website for more info on this and all of their other books