Monday, November 7

Erik Mombeeck's Luftwaffe Gallery 5 is out! Contents and pictures in our preview...

We have some preview images and some detail on the contents of Erik Mombeeck's new Luftwaffe Gallery series. Edition number five sees exclusive all new photos, personal accounts and artwork from many sources gathered into another interesting tome. Let's have a look at what's in number five...

New release – Erik Mombeeck's Lu/Ga 5 is alive!

Luftwaffe Gallery # 5

56 pages, softcover, in A4 Landscape format
96 photographs (most of them unpublished before),
28 superb colour artworks by Thierry Dekker,
personal accounts from Luftwaffe personnel
Price: 18 Euros/ US$19.90 plus postage.

Over the course of the past 25 years of his WWII research, Erik Mombeeck has travelled extensively throughout Germany, Austria and the USA to interview hundreds of Luftwaffe veterans to make his many books. From the humble mechanic to the squadron flight commanders, the author has had the fortunate opportunity to obtain tens of thousands of original photos from private albums of these veterans.
The result of this enormous research effort has been the framework of this new series designed to aid both modellers and aviation enthusiasts. Each issue will study the camouflage and markings of the featured aircraft and offer plenty of detailed information.

Contents of LuGa V:
1) Emblem Gallery: Raining Cats And Dogs
2) Camouflage Gallery: Jg 2 Mottle Musings In Collaboration With Neil Page
3) Markings Gallery: All In A Spin – Colourful Spinners
4) Unit Gallery I : Six Months With 2./JG 2, from Eagle To Owl
5) Unit Gallery II:Wekusta 2 In All Weathers by Pierre Babin
6) Readers Corner

You can pre-order the Lu/Ga 5 sending a message here Check out Erik's site for more on his books, his personal blog and Luftwaffe history.