Wednesday, February 1

Amusing Hobby raises the "Bär“ with a 35th scale 30.5CM Mörser SPG @ Nuremberg

Nuremberg Toy Fair is always awash with some great releases, and the first (among many so far) that has caught this scribe's eye is the new 35th scale 30.5CM Mörser "Bär“ with that massive gun on board. We think those “what-if” guys will go nuts with this one, so let's have a look at what Amusing hobby have shown us...

Amusing Hobby's latest super heavy in 35th scale

30.5CM Mörser "Bär“ released in German Nuremberg toy fair.
1/35th scale
Kit No# 35A014
Kit features workable track links and open or closable hatches.
For those who have the large resin kit and don't want to fork out, of for those who like obscure heavy German tanks with BIG guns well Amusing Hobby has more for you. Taking one of the biggest guns we have seen on their latest kit just released at Nuremberg Toy Fair... but what about the real thing (is it even real who knows...)

Some Stats...(proposed)

30.5cm L/16 auf Sfl. Bär(Bear)
Crew: 6 Armament: one 30.5cm KwK L/16
Weight: 120 tons Traverse: unknown, rigid mounted weapon
Length: 8.20 meters (sans gun) Elevation: 0o to +70o
Width: 4.10 meters Engine: Maybach HL230 P30
Height: 3.55 meters Gearbox: 6 foreward, 1 reverse
Radio: unknown, most likely an FuG 5 Speed: 20 km/hr

A drawing of the proposed tank...
In early May of 1942, a new design of Sturmpanzer, the Bär (Bear) was proposed. On March 4th of 1943, Krupp proposed development of new Sturmgeschütz armed with 305mm L/16 mortar and first drawings were ready in May. It was to be armed with a 305mm gun mounted in the superstructure, based on the modified chassis of the then new Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (Tiger I) heavy tank utilised some Panther components with new suspension developed by Krupp. The new vehicle was to weight 120 tons.

This new Sturmpanzer was to be powered by a 12-cylinder Maybach HL 230 P 30 engine producing 700hp. This would have allowed the vehicle to travel at a maximum speed of approximately 20km/h [12 mph]. Bär was to be armed with a rigidly-mounted 305mm KwK L/16 gun installed in an armoured superstructure in the back of the hull. The main gun could only be elevated from 0 to 70 degrees and had a range of 10,500 meters [11,400 yards]. Each 305mm round weighed 350kg [770 pounds] and carried a 50kg [110 pound] charge. The interior storage space allowed for only 10 rounds.

The kit painted and finished on the Amusing Hobby Site
Bär was to be 8.2 meters [26.7 feet] long, 4.1 meters [13.65 feet] wide and 3.5 meters [11.4 feet] high. Armour was sloped and protection ranged from 80mm on the sides to 130mm at the front. Sturmpanzer Bär was to be operated by a crew of six - commander, gunner, two loaders, driver and radio-operator. The project never left the drawing board, but was a step in the development of the Sturmtiger.
The Bär was a large self-propelled vehicle mounting an awesome 30.5cm weapon. The running gear was largely to be taken from the Tiger tank, but rather than torsion bars, leaf spring suspension was to be used. These springs would have most likely resembled a larger version of the Panzer IV leaf spring mounting. Similar systems were suggested for prototype Jagdpanzers which were on the drawing board toward the end of the war. The gun was rigidly mounted, but a provision was made for a wide range of elevations. These features make the Bär closely resemble the Sturmtiger.

SO that leaves us with this new tank from Amusing Hobby – What's the feature set?

here you see the kit from an isometric kinda view - simple construction and some basic photo etch covering the engine grills, notice the rifled inside fo the barrel and heavy weld seams on the slabs of armour?
With a lot of spare tracks, tools and extras strapped to the hull.
The obligatory tracks running over something picture shows the suspension will move just a little…
More about this kit as soon as we see it - This kit will be available very soon we think from Amusing Hobby's Distributors...