Saturday, June 17

Preview: The T-60 Small Tank and Variants Red Machines Vol.1 from Canfora Publishing

Canfora Publishing has a knack for turning out great books on modelling. They have launched a new series featuring the Russian tanks and AFV's featuring different vehicles in photos, profiles and blueprints. These should be interesting to many modellers – and for a short time, they are available at a 15% pre-order discount. See what they are made up of in our preview...

Preview: The T-60 Small Tank and Variants
Red Machines Vol.1
Authors James Kinnear & Yuri Pasholok
176 pages
250+ photos and profiles inside
Pre-order offer 15% - offer Price: 29€ (34,50€)

Introducing a new series from Canfora Publishing.

"Red Machines" will be entirely devoted to the hardware of the Red Army. Each volume will provide in-depth information, much of it entirely new to the western world, as well as a large number of photos, of which many have never been published to date. Blueprints, drawings, colour profiles and data tables are also provided with each volume, to describe the development and production variants of each vehicle. The first volume is the T-60 Small Tank, just in time for the MiniArt release!
The T-60 small tank was the third most numerous tank-type built in the Soviet Union during the 1941-45 “Great Patriotic War”, behind only the T-34 medium tank and the SU-76 self-propelled gun in terms of production output. Though often maligned in later years as being under-armed and weakly armoured, the T-60 performed a crucial role during the difficult years of 1941-42 when Soviet manufacturing plants struggled to replace combat losses at the front.
The history of the T-60 is the history of a single tank type, set against a background of the initial months immediately following the launch of “Operation Barbarossa” on 22nd June 1941, with staggering losses of territory, troops and equipment at the front and the consequent Soviet struggle to maintain production at a time when the main Soviet military production facilities were being evacuated on rails to the Urals and Siberia beyond.
The T-60 story is that of a tank entering series production as the Soviet Union was beginning a war for its very survival, and the nearly 6000 T-60 tanks produced in 1941-42 were essential tools at a critical stage in that struggle. The book thoroughly describes each plant's production output and variants.
The T-60 chassis was used for many prototypes and variants, such as Anti-Aircraft, Rocket Artillery and even a flying tank! All these are fully described in both text and images, providing inspiration and ideas to modellers.
James Kinnear was born in Great Britain in 1959 and has researched the topic of Soviet and Russian military hardware since his first visit to the enigmatic and mysterious Soviet Union as a young teenager in 1973. James has written hundreds of articles on Soviet and Russian military technology. A Russian speaker, he has studied the subject from within the military-intelligence community and as a civilian author.
Yuri Pasholok was born in 1979 in Moscow. He began to seriously study the history of armoured vehicles from 2002 when working as a historical consultant on various game projects relating to the Second World War. From 2008 to 2013 Yuri worked at the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, during which time he also published his first book on armoured vehicles. Yuri’s main focus is now the study of the development and history of Soviet armoured vehicles in over the period 1920-1950.
Experience the atmosphere and details in these dramatic photos, many unpublished to this date.- shipping of these books starts around 7th July

The T-60 small tank and variants - Red Machines Vol.1 is available now on pre-order offer for 15% off on the Canfora Website