Saturday, July 15

SM.03 Sazabi Custom from Rinaldi Studio Press is on pre-order at a discount until July 31

We have already looked in detail at two books in the interesting new "SM" series (single Model) in the form of the first - SM.01 Fish Submarine & then the SM.02 S-65 Tractor in review here on TMN, but now, the third in this series is almost upon us, we have the info on what to expect, some pictures and info on how to get this book at a pre-order discount...

Pre Order Special from Rinaldi Studio Press
SM.03 Sazabi Custom - Limited Edition
From the "SM" Series
By Mike Rinaldi
136 Pages
6.5" x 7.5" in softcover
US ISBN 978-0-9883363-6-0
This Is A Pre-Order Item
Shipping Aug 11-19, 2017
Pre- Order Price $20.00 (original price $25.00) (Pre-Order Closes on July 31)
The series launch book, first in a brand new LIMITED EDITION scale modelling book series from RSP and the makers of the TANKART books. Smaller, lighter and faster...yet no less packed with comprehensive conversations on the How and the Why of each step of the modelling process. The style of graphic design in this series maximizes image size and allows for clean open layouts that focus the viewer on the work involved thought each page.
Having already reviewed the SM.01 Fish Submarine and then the SM.02 S-65 Tractor books here on TMN, we are anxious to see the latest in this series - of "Single Model" books, this time centred on the SM.03 Sazabi Custom robot.
This book follows the established format for this new series, dimensions of 6.5" x 7.5" and 136-pages in a softcover, perfect bound with linen cover stock (which is environment friendly 30% PCW uncoated paper) This series look and feel help create a cool and very unique presentation with tons of tactile feel and style that is unique in the hobby.
SM.03 SAZABI CUSTOM features a robot project from the amazing world of Gundam Mecha. 1/100 Bandai MG Sazabi Custom will feature Sumo modifications and an original one-of-a-kind paint finish. The many RSP ideas seen before will be used to illustrate how they can be used for similar mocha and Gundam projects alike.
Some additional news as well, because of the delays Mike was able to leverage 8 more pages from the printer for this effort. SM.03 is now 136-pages in length. As a bonus, all SM.03 pre-orders will receive a bonus 24-page PDF file of expanded material after the book is shipped.
In addition to the many Military modelling books planned, Science Fiction, Aviation, Construction Equipment and Model Train projects will be presented throughout this new Limited Edition book series. The SM Series books are open to All Scales - All Eras - All Subjects, which allows the series author Michael Rinaldi to tackle a greater variety of topics and finishes, unlike anything he has attempted before. A core premise of the new book series is to explore and redefine artistic and creative finishes for each subject.
Also to remind everyone, all pre-orders will receive a special 24-page PDF after shipping containing bonus material on the 1/144 Rick Dom test model, along with extra details on the Sazabi. All SM Series books are limited editions - single print run only. There will be an email to all RSP pre-order customers with this info sent this weekend.
Shipping begins August 11th -18th and you can pre-order SM.03 up until July 31 for $20USD ($25USD SRP) at the link on the Rinaldi Studio Press Website...