Tuesday, August 15

Bigger & Badder than an E-100? Amusing hobby's new 35th scale Jagdpanzer E-100 due to strike in September

Amusing Hobby are keeping World Of Tanks and "What-if" fantasists in subjects as they plan a September release for their own Jaegeroo - the mighty Jagdpanzer E-100 in 35th scale
Amusing Hobby's brand new "Jaegeroo" Jagdpanzer E-100 Due in 35th scale in September...

Jagdpanzer E-100 
From amusing Hobby
1/35th scale
Kit No# 35A017
Click together track links
Four Colour markings provided by the team at AMMO 
Release due in September
All those people who love "World of Tanks" and some of those modellers who like heeavy armour in 35th scale will team up with the "What-If" crew for Amusing Hobby's latest release due in September. The Massive Turretless tank destroyer the Jadgpanzer E-100 "Jaegeroo"
Now let's get this straight from the off - This vehicle never existed even as a blueprint. The E-100 was only considered as a turreted tank and as a tank destroyer as a Stug with either a 15 or 17 cm gun. There are other mooted plans for this vehicle, and models - of a self-propelled gun, an antiaircraft vehicle, and a tank destroyer. However, development was never started, and only a hull of an E-100 was ever made as a prototype.

In the game "world of Tanks" the JagdPanzer E-100 is a Tank Destroyers also known as "The Mighty Jageroo" or "The Broomstick of Doom", Anyone who has been struck by the massive gun of this tank,and surprisingly lived to tell the tale, will warn you steer clear of it, if it happens to find you.

The Jagdpanzer E 100 marks the end of its German tank destroyer line. In the game this tank features a massive 170mm cannon, and it is a popular, if flawed design. The strong frontal armour and hih penetration of the gun is forboding, but it's non- turreted design would have enabled enemis to flank and surround it. A little like what might have happened if this tank was ever made in real life.

The Kit from Amusing Hobby

Now one thing we can say exists in real life is this kit - and having made it's "Little Brother" from AMusing Hobby, we can say that we have identified some of the sililar charachtaristics of this model , and how they are used on this kit.

Amusing Hobby's tank version of the E-100
The tank iteself borrows a lot from the E-100 kit in the same scale. Tracks will be a simple click together type, which we found very simple to make, occasianally a bit of glue was required but the coil  suspension and the tracks wer a simple part of the build.
The side skirts will be added or taken away - it will be your choice. We have makde a way to remove these as you wish and we will include this in our build of the E-100 kit
The surface texture on the side of the turret box shows pitting and a gentle rolled steel texture. Weld seams and the joints of the masssive slabs of armour are included
The top turret of a self defence machine gun can be, like all of the turrets, posed open or closed as shown in these two pictures
Some photot etched grills will beincluded in the kit, as wellprobably four decal cjoices in "what-If" markings, some might want to make theri own Jaegeroo from World of tanks. We think because fo this game and the amount of heavy german armour enthusiasts that this will be a popular kit.
This model is slated for a September release - you can find out more about this kit and Amusing Hobby's other kits at the Amusing Hobby Website