Friday, August 11

Two at once? Like buses these Panthers - as Meng release news of their Own Panther A "Late" in 35th scale

Just when you thought you had your next Panther purchase all sewn up  - Meng have released news of their own Panther in 35th scale. We don't have much - but its still news to us! see what we know so far on Meng's new cat...

Meng Models due to release a 35th scale Panther "A"

German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther Ausf. A Late "late"
From Meng Models
Model No# TS-035
Injection moulded plastic, clear & Photo Etched parts included
Panther was the closest thing to "the" perfect German medium tank during WWII. Thanks to its unparalleled performance, it became one of the backbones of the German Army, and helped their armed forces fight on through tough times. Others seeing the worth of its features, armament and technological advancement it was even used by the opponents to the end of the war. Its 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 long tank gun could penetrate almost all the armour of its rivals, and its angled armour provided better protection than the Tiger I. 
The Maybach HL230 engine could propel the tank to a speed of 50km/h on sealed roads, and its wide tracks and interleaved road wheels could travel over more uneven ground that the previous Panzer III &IV's. The Panther was a perfect response to the requirements of German armour units. Now the Panther has become one of the favourite armour kits of modellers, and so, Meng Models have stepped up to the plate.

The TS-035 German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther Ausf. A Late is a replica of the famous WWII Panther A that MENG has designed with the help of The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK and the editor Mr. David Parker of the Meng AFV Modeller magazine. 
The assembled model will be 251.8mm long, 98.6mm wide and 85.27mm high. A total of 1,118 parts are included in the kit. MENG’s team has designed this kit with the experience gained from the previous kits and insisted to bring more fun to different modellers. 

...As we find out more on this kit we will keep our antennas out and so keep you informed. 'Till then you can always see more of Meng's kits on their website.