Tuesday, September 5

Want a model with your own customized FREE number plate? Italeri has a Fiat 500F with your name on it..

Italeri had to make a large scale Fiat 500F we suppose - it was only a matter of time. However, it looks like they poured a lot of effort into this kit from the shots we have of the model - you can also get your own very personalized Fiat 500F with your own number plate on it for a short time - see just how in our new model preview...
New from Italeri:
in 1:12th scale
Kit no# 4703
Total price from Italeri is 130 euros

OK, up today is the preview of Italeri's 100% new mould 1/12th scale kit dedicated to a real Italian made Icon - the Fiat 500 F. 
The Fiat 500 F was also known as the Berlina. Because it spans over the D and L models, it is one of the misidentified models. in fact, it carried for a while the same badge as the D and were only differentiated by the F's lack of "suicide doors". 
The difference from the L model was the design of the bumpers and the interior, because the F retained the look of the original while the L was more modern.
We now have the first built up pictures of the test kit from Italeri, some things, like the quality and colours of plastic will change, but the kit is pretty much all there to see in this built up example...
The new kit will also include chromed parts, rubber tires, photo-etched details to enhance the model's features - that of opening side doors, opening frontal bonnet, opening engine compartment, working suspension and steering wheel. Furthermore, it will be possible to make both the left and right-hand versions from this one model box. 
One more thing...

Those waiting and planning the release of this kit in November have something else to organize - You can get your own number plate for free made up if you pre-order it from Italeri right here on this link
The € 20.00 incl tax downpayment on this kit at the Italeri site is taken off the total price when the kit is ready. They offer you the chance to get your own customized smart plates - (in the style and size of the license plate of the Fiat 500 F in 1968). This would be great for a present we think of Fiat, or a car model lover in general.

You will have to get in before September the 30th - where you pay your 20 euros as a down payment, and then the extra price for the model after that if you get it directly from the Italeri shop. (total price of 130 Euros is the same as the RRP)

SO if you want your own personal plates - get in there and pre-order before the end of September!!

You can see more about this kit and offer at the Italeri Website...