Tuesday, October 3

Don't get ambushed - Get a discount on Peko Publishing's new Panzerjäger on the Battlefield (Vol.15)

Can you believe it? PEKO Publishing is into the fifteenth edition of the “On the Battlefield” books already. We always eagerly anticipate new volumes from this publisher & this one covers the hunting tanks – the Panzerjäger of the German forces of WWII & we have some info and pictures of what's coming in “Panzerjäger on the battlefield”…

Preview from Peko Publishing
Panzerjäger on the battlefield (Vol 15)
Author: Jon Feentsra

ISBN: 978-615-5583-07-0
Language: English/Hungarian
No of Photos: 105
No of Pages: 112
Physical: Hardcover, 300x215mm, landscape

Release Date: Late-October 2017
Pre-Order Price €25.00 (normal price €28.95) at the Product Link
In this latest “On the Battlefield” book from Peko Publishing, the author Mr Jon Feenstra looks at the German Tank Destroyers or Panzerjägers of WWII's frontlines. This edition is one hundred and twelve pages and it covers the early to late war masters of ambush in combat, at rest and with their crews in large format full-size pages for the reader.

We progress from the start of the book with earlier, smaller and less potent tank hunters of the German forces...
In the 15th book in the ‘On the Battlefield’ series. Large landscape photos, unseen content from private collections all wrapped up in a hardcover make up this book. The dual English and Hungarian text captions that go along with the pictures explain not only the collection where the picture comes from, but also the specifics of the place and time, also some things you may have never considered without the knowledge provided by the author.

Through the middle of the book to more potent, mid-war hunters...

Lastly, the big gun, heavy hitters of the battlefield are covered - a large array of different Panzerjagers is here in this volume
This new book is coming out sometime later this month – until then you can get it at a pre-order price of €25.00 (normal price €28.95) at the Product Link on the Pelo Publishing website - Get in there fast before the price changes!