Tuesday, November 28

Preview: Italeri to "launch" their new Schnellboot S-38. In 35th scale & just in time for Christmas

Italeri has given us some completed shots of the test kit of their new whopping S-38 Schnellboot in 1/35th scale. This new S-Boat in their range is packed with interesting features, parts and decals. See how it looks in our quick preview...

Italeri’s New Item Preview:

Schnellboot S-38
From: Italeri
Product Number# 5620
1/35th scale
Full kit - "New Moulds"
Includes: Plastic sprues, Photoetch, Waterslide decals
ETA: December  -  Maybe a Christmas release
Expected price €120- €130
We have some scant details but a lot of pictures from Italeri showing off a preview of their new incoming 1:35 scale model kit dedicated to the Type S-38 Schnellboot, 

Italeri has been teasing this kit for a long time now...It does say on the kit "New Moulds" so we are inclined to believe that it isn't an update of their older #5603 kit.
This famous fast attack craft was used by the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) during the Second World War with some great successes that often outshone the larger ships of the Navy.
Between the two World Wars, several of the world’s Navies launched programs to develop fast sea craft able to perform both patrol and attack duties. New engines and technological solutions were able to give improved performances and better operational efficiency over the boats that saw action in WWI. The German Kriegsmarine developed the famous fast attack craft Schnellboot or “S” Class during the 1930's to meet this fast attack need for their Navy.

The most famous of these Schnellboots was the S-38 version. Although the Kriegsmarine only produced in 100 boats, it captured many ship loving and modeller’s imagination with its sleek lines, torpedo armament and deadly rear mounted 4cm Bofors guns, it had a length of 35 meters and a displacement, full load, of over 100 tons. Thanks to its 12 cylinders Daimler Benz engines the S-38 was able to reach a speed of 39.5 knots.
Armed with two 533 mm torpedo tubes, the S-38’s also relied on captured WWI vintage heavy hitting 40mm Bofors guns for self-defence. This gun proved to be a very effective and powerful naval weapon that was favoured over even the German guns of the time. It was on this reliable and effective platform of these S-38 series that the S-100 was developed on later in WWII.

The Bofors gun is a feature of this kit...
“E-boats” as the British called them, was the RAN’s designation for these little ships, It was the RAN simply using the letter E for Enemy and now that name is synomonous with the Schnellboot.
Here are two S38's in their Lair...
These Schnellboots were primarily used to patrol the Baltic Sea and the English Channel in order to intercept shipping heading for the English ports in the south and east. As such, they were up against Royal Navy and Commonwealth Motor Gun Boats (MGBs), Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs), Motor Launches, frigates and destroyers. They were also transferred in small numbers to the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea by river and land transport.

S-38 Schnellboot Specifications
Length: 34.9 m (114 ft 6 in)
Weight: up to 120 t
Speed: 43.8 kn (50.4 mph; 81.1 km/h)
Engines: Three 20-cylinder Daimler-Benz MB501 Diesel engines, 2,000 hp (1,500 kW; 2,000 PS) each; three propeller shafts.
2 × 53.3 cm (21.0 in) torpedo tubes (four torpedoes in total)
1 × 40 mm Bofors (on the S-38-class boats)
Other AA armament carried on different models included two or more pintle-mounted MG-34s, 3.7 cm Flak 42 (S-100) and 8.6 cm RaG M42 (S-100) or, rarely, one quadruple 20 mm Flakvierling mounts.

The new kit from Italeri...
This kit is the daddy of Italeri's older ~5603 Schnellboot Typ S-100 kit although it is claimed to be all new moulds. This boxing has lots of new features, decals for three versions plus of course photo-etch parts and clear transparencies.
As for the difference of the S-38b class? It had an armoured bridge, various armament including 40 mm Bofors or 20 mm Flak 28 aft, an MG34 Zwillingsockel midships. (the designation 'b' is not Kriegsmarine nomenclature and originated in a post-war American hobby publication).

Here are some pictures of the test kit made up. with a walk around the kit, you can pick out the details of the kit and where additional photo-etch has been added to the model to enhance scale detail...
This new Kit (num. #5620) will be available from the first part of December we hope! (notice the new box does not say "New Moulds"? We will soon find out...
For more information on all of Italeri’s kits check out the Italeri Website or check back here on TMN for more details as the kit “launches”