Sunday, May 6

Preview: Italeri's new F-104 Starfighter G/S (upgraded edition RF version) in 32nd scale has just been released...

Italeri's newest edition of their F-104 Starfighter G/S has new decals, new parts and a new pod - the upgraded edition photo reconnaissance version in 1/32 scale and the new features included in the kit are all in today's preview...

1:32nd Scale
Kit No# 2514
Model Dim.: 52,0 cm
Box Dim.: 560 x 280 x 115 mm
Price: € 98.00 from Italeri directly
Available now

The Photo Recon Starfighter in history:

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter is one of the most famous fighters in the history of aviation and also one with the longest operational life: its history began at the end of the 50s and ended, for some air forces, in mid-2000s. Its unique airframe, with a slender fuselage and very little wing surface, made this aircraft ideal as an interceptor. Thanks to the thrust of its General Electric J79-GE-11A afterburning turbojet engine, it could exceed Mach 2,2 with an excellent rate of climb but it was not very maneuverable and difficult to fly. The F-104G Starfighter was produced under license by several European aviation industries. 

From the mid-60s, it became the standard interceptor for many NATO countries including Italy, Germany, Holland, Greece, and Turkey. The armament was basically the same found on previous versions, with a 20mm Vulcan cannon and the option to fit under the wings air-to-air missiles, bombs, or additional fuel tanks to increase the aeroplane's range. With time, reconnaissance duties were added to the traditional interceptor service. The F-104G was therefore equipped with a dedicated “Orpheus” reconnaissance external pod that gave excellent operational results.
You can now get your own 1/32 scale model kit dedicated to the F-104 G/S Starfighter (upgraded edition) from Italeri. Their updated F-104 kit includes the Orpheus Recon Pod to build up the “RF” version along with several other refinements. The two huge decal sheets include 8 possible versions from the nations that operated the photo recon version of the Starfighter. The new kit will include photo-etched details able to ensure the highest realism level in scale thickness. The F-104G/S - Upgraded Edition (num. 2514) is now on sale from Italeri's website.

This Kit Includes:
- The Addition Of The Italian Air Force's Orpheus Recon Pod 
- Bulged Cover For  Photo Recon System 
- 2 Ale 40 Chaff Dispensers 
- Finely Engraved Recessed Panel Lines And Rivets 
- Fully Detailed Engine, Cockpit, And Avionics Bay 
- Fully Detailed Gun Bay With Complete M-61 Vulcan Assembly 
- Open Or Closed Air Brakes 
- Photo-etched Fret 
- 325 Parts 
- 2 Huge Decals Sheets 
MArkings included stretch over  8 versions from different countries.
- Instructions Sheet With Color Profiles

This new verison of the starfighter is now available from Italeri's Website Directly for  € 98.00