Saturday, August 18

Two SS men in 35th scale in this month's new figure releases from Alpine Miniatures...

Two new figures in what they do best - 35th scale warriors of the Waffen SS are some of the new sculpts on offer from Alpine Miniatures this month. See how they look in our preview...

Alpine Miniatures four new items

There are two new figures of late WWII Waffen SS soldiers in this month's new releases from Alpine Miniatures, we thought we might show you them alone and together in a set in our preview.

WSS Panzer Officer 44-45 
Figure No: 35253
1/35th scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Box Art by Toshihiro Sano
This first figure is sculpted by Alpine's owner Mr Taesung Harmms and in this instance, the figure is painted for the box art by the talented Toshihiro Sano.
The figure has two head choices, although both with the same face, the headgear of these two is different. The choice you have is either the peaked M43 cloth cap which was easy to produce and cheaper than the peaked officer's cap, the SS EM/NCO'S visor cap or the Schirmmütze. This features all of the original's characteristics, the wool hat with the leather visor in a  fieldgrau colour, the German WW2 Waffen SS Panzer Visor Cap was worn by both Officers and NCOs. The Panzer division's caps featured the "Waffenfarbe Rosa" pink piping, the metal SS Death Head Badge, Metal Eagle with Swastika and silver woven hat cord, 
The other headgear choice is the M43 cloth cap that soon became the norm late in the war due to it's simple to manufacture and cheap cost to produce. The black cloth hats had the German eagle on the left-hand side embroiled in a silver thread as well as the death's head emblem on the front with two buttons to secure the side flaps of the cap.
The Panzer officer wears what looks to be a tailored leather jacket that resembles a light flight jacket in brown in this instance though you could, of course, paint your own black. The side lapels are hard to make out in these small pictures, but the silver braid denotes him as an officer.
The black Panzertruppen pants and late war short boots go well with what the rest of the soldier is wearing. I am not sure if the boxes that are shown come with the figure or not...

WSS Infantry Officer 44-45 
Figure No: 35254 
1/35th scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Box Art by Toshihiro Sano
This second figure of these two new sculpts is again made by the hand of Taesung Harmms and again painted by Toshihiro Sano. Again it is in 35th scale and again the figure is from the Waffen SS in WWII, this time a soldier of the infantry instead of a tanker.
This soldier also has two headgear choices - one, his the peaked cap again, an infantry one this time that is denoted by the silver braiding around the edges. This cap also bears the death's head emblem of the SS, this time a metal badge most likely.
The other headgear choice was the M43 cloth peaked hat, this time painted in a camouflage pattern by the boxart painter and quite effectively also. Late in 1942, the Waffen SS introduced a new field cap. The caps were made from the same camouflage and fabric as their smocks and helmet covers, and were likewise reversible from Fall to Spring colours. Early production caps were fitted insignia, colour coordinated to the appropriate sides of the fabric. This feature was dropped quickly and the vast majority of these hats were produced devoid of insignia. Caps were manufactured with and without air vents, and the vents can be machine sewn or painted steel eyelets.

This Infantry officer has some interesting gear on. His tunic is pretty standard, but the patches on his sleeve and the Iron Cross First Class on his left and WWII German Cross in Gold on his right breast. His SS runes on his collar along with the Officer's braid on his sideboards are prominent also. His baggy camouflage pants with pockets on the front are late war issue, there are tucked into the top of his tall boots.

WSS Officer 44-45 Set (2 figures)
Figure No: 35255
1/35th scale
Sculpture by Taesung Harmms / Box Art by Toshihiro Sano
These two SS men look like they would be a good match together - talking tactics or plotting out a course of action between them for a collected infantry and Panzer advance. They are both wearing pretty different garb but look like they could be part of the same company.
These kits will are now available from the Alpine Miniatures site in the USA and from their distributors in the rest of the world