Monday, September 10

New artwork, sprues & built test kit of Amusing Hobby's new Waffenträger auf E-100 in 1/35th scale...

Straight from the fictional world of "What-if" and World of tanks comes the new kit in 35th scale from Amusing Hobby - the mighty Waffenträger auf E-100 - to add to the old shots are some new box art, a large sprue of the kit and a built up test shot to show you in our new item preview...

New kit incoming from Amusing Hobby in late September

Waffenträger auf E-100
From: Amusing Hobby
1/35th scale
Product No #35A026 
Released at the end of September 2018
Box art of the kit
This new kit in 35th scale from Amusing hobby is due in August this year. An extension of the E-100 series with a similar chassis and even bigger gun!

The previous box art of this kit - improved upon I might say?
But first - what is this Waffenträger auf E-100 you ask?

"A proposal to mount a large-calibre antiaircraft gun on the chassis of the E-100 tank. The vehicle was to feature either a 128- or 150-mm guns with automatic loading system. However, the design project was never developed" is the spiel but in reality, this is the most frequently discussed and unusual vehicle in the German World of Tanks tech tree. This vehicle is completely made up by Wargaming. 

A "What-if?" line drawing of the tank
Initially, it was supposed to have dual 128 mm guns, but due to a lack of multiple gun support, it received an AA gun with an autoloader. Soon it will be replaced with a much more realistic project found in the archives. The reason for this replacement is primarily that it's too different from other vehicles in the tank destroyer branch, and that ohh - it doesn't and never did exist.
A very good artists conception of the kit in WOT
Just in to us - we now have the large - Alien-like skeletal hood of the kit on this large spue...
We also know now that the kit release will have a choice of three different guns - Two of which are shown here... 
The open end of the tank showing how little room this platform would have had with this large gun and magazine drum of the auto-loader
This kit sure looks impressive from most any angles - Even though it never did exist, we are sure this will sell well
The "paper Panzer" status of this machine does not stop us from wanting to make the kit - Amusing Hobby has been long making these "what-if" tanks to some acclaim, we have made a few of them, and if this one is as simple to build and as detailed as some of their other kits this will be a winner!

This new kit from Amusing Hobby will be available at the end of September 2018