Tuesday, February 3

We get to see the new Kittyhawk Sabre Dog in the flesh built up...

Kittyhawk’s latest 1/32nd kit of the U.S.A.F. F-86D "Sabre Dog" Interceptor is upon us, the release is slated for this month and today we have seen some pictures of the built and painted model - we have added them to the test shots and colours we have seen already..

USAF F-86D "Sabre Dog" Interceptor
Kittyhawk models
1:32nd scale
Code: KH 32007
Expected price of around USD$ 90
ETA Late Feb
Who would have thought that a few years ago we would have this wealth of new subjects in large scale? Tamiya and Hasegawa were scaling down their interest in 1/32nd kits and so there was a gap in the market. To their credit Trumpeter took up the challenge and the a bunch of newer model making companies have followed – now new companies with new ideas like Kittyhawk have given us yet another kit a lot of people wanted in the form of the 32nd scale F-86D “Sabre Dog.”  A little on the specifications of the D model..
Designation/ Nickname      F-86D Sabre Dog
Manufacturer:         North American
Designation System:          U.S. Air Force
Length:         40' 4"  12.2 m
Height:          15'      4.5 m
Wingspan:    37' 1"  11.3 m
Wing area:    288.0 sq ft    26.7 sq m
Empty Weight:        12,470 lb      5,655 kg
Gross Weight:         17,100 lb      7,755 kg
Powerplant:   1 General Electric J47-GE-17 (A/B 7630Lb)
Thrust (each):         5,700 lb        2,585 kg
Range:         836 miles      1,346 km
Cruise Speed:         525 mph       845 km/h      456 kt
Max Speed:  707 mph       1,138 km/h   615 kt
Climb: 17,800 ft/min 5,425 m/min
Ceiling:         54,600 ft       16,641 m
 There are several colours this bird can be painted in. Although this is designated as the USAF boxing there are many countries and air arms that operated the type in several colours..
There are the six schemes slated for this boxing's release - very nicely chosen from a lot of countries and branches of service - this should get a lot of people worldwide interested and it is a smart move.. 

Here is the first built up Sabre Dog we have seen from Kittyhawk - it looks pretty good to us!
The other schemes in the box
On to the kit – these are pictures of the just built up test kit in a quick walkaround
The engine and radardome are removable and the tail also detaches so this is a great kit for superdetailing
The cockpit is of course able to pose open and closed..
The cockpit tub looks like an improvement on the earlier Kittyhawk kits as well.
..As does the ejection seat which is a little gem!
Maybe a clear version in the future? Just kidding....
This kit will be available from KittyHawk’s Distributors around the end of February..