Wednesday, October 7

Stalingrad Miniatures grim scenes of war in a set of realistic figures in 35th scale

People die in war don’t they? Well it’s the saddest fact of war that yes they do – but we hardly ever see dead soldiers in the dioramas at modelling meets. The truth is it is hard to realistically capture this in a scene. This new set from Stalingrad Miniatures – has had a go at portraying the grim reality of war - let’s have a look at this new set in our preview…
New “Big Set” from Stalingrad Miniatures…

This new “Big Set” of figures from Stalingrad Miniatures captures the scene in the aftermath of battle. These five figures are seen in death for the Germans and then in life for the surviving Russians inspecting the scene – they are…

# 3120 – After a Battle, 5 figures
# 3121 – Fallen German Soldier
# 3122 – Fallen German Soldiers
# 3123 – Russian Soldier
# 3124 – Russian Soldier 
Let’s have a look at them each in detail…

Fallen German Soldier, 1943-45
This German soldier is seen dead on the ground sprawled out as he had been searched after his death. Sometimes for intel but sometimes for what they were wearing it was common for enemy soldiers to be searched on the battlefield after a skirmish – dead or alive… The layers of clothing are very apparent on this and the other dead figures as well.

The figure unpainted 
A shot that might have influenced this figure 
…And here he is painted up

Fallen German Soldiers, 1943-45
These two soldiers are seen sprawled in-amongst each other in death. The soldier on top has been searched and interestingly his flies and jacket are undone.
These men are seen in winter weight clothing, one on top has his boots removed (obviously they didn’t fit the person searching) and both have their equipment sprawled around the scene. Both of the men’s equipment are very well designed to sit on the ground with some weight. They would match many a scene in dioramas and will be really handy to many modellers who want some realism.
Shots that might have influenced the sculpting of both of these figures - notice the way the bodies are strewn about in poses of death and rough handling after death.
…And painted up

Russian Soldier, 1943-45
This Russian soldier is seen with his warm winter hat looking at some of the documents or photos that he has taken from the dead soldiers. He is crouched as he closely examines what he holds in his hands – whether it be personal or of military interest is up to you.

 The figure unpainted 
I think that they are photographs – as he holds what looks like a wallet in his hand. This could be used by itself and it really does capture the picture that inspired the figure..

A shot that might have influenced this figure 
…And painted up

Russian Soldier, 1943-45
This small soldier looks like he is a member of a highly mobile squad. His furry hat is turned up and some goggles are over his head. He wears a protective leather jacket with buttons on the inside which you can see as it opens up as he leans slightly to the left. He is seen in this scene examining the dead Germans and his comrade who is studying the captured papers from one of the enemy.

 A shot that might have influenced this figure
Looking very small next to his Pp-SH machine gun he carries, he is obviously a very young soldier. Stalingrad’s sculpts often capture the odd and strange things in war and this figure also could be used singly or with other observers..

The figure unpainted
…And painted up

After a Battle, 1945 “Big Set”
Five figures in this set.

The figures unpainted
 …And painted up

Stalingrad has also launched new line of natural brushes for modelling. Gathering the brushes that Alexander has been using for the last 12 years. These will be really useful for modelling and figures painting.
 Here are the brushes of different sizes and the applications that Alex uses them on...
All of these figures and the big set are now available from Stalingrad’s Distributors worldwide