Monday, February 18

Preview: Luftwaffe Gallery Series V: JG 5 Special Album: Fighters Of The Midnight Sun

Erik Mombeeck's Luftwaffe Gallery (LuGA) books are always something to behold for modellers and Luftwaffe historians alike. Never before published pictures and artwork with stories telling us all about the men and machines portrayed, these books come by infrequently so we want to know all about them. If you want to know also click on our preview of LuGa 5 that is due for release very soon...

Luftwaffe Gallery Series V:
JG 5 Special Album: Fighters Of The Midnight Sun
Erik Mombeeck & Maciej Góralczyk
96 pages
240 photos (many of them published for the first time)
32 colour artwork
Released on March 1st 2019,
To tell you a little bit more about this book I think I will give you the author's words to explain his inspirations and reasons for making the book:

"25 years ago, I embarked on the rather crazy project of writing a day-by-day chronicle of JG 5 “Eismeer” when very few official archives had survived the conflict. I had no idea that completing this project would make such an indelible impression on the rest of my life. In the first instance, interviewing nearly 200 of the unit’s veterans reinforced my belief that men are fundamentally good – even our wartime enemies. Indeed, the veterans of JG 5 always warmly welcomed me and did not hesitate to share their experiences, both of suffering and, rather more rarely, of the joy they had some 45 years previously. 
Listening to them and reading the dozens of letters written by those who did not survive made a huge impression on me; I could no longer go swimming without thinking of young Matthias, a “Bordfunker” (radio operator), who drowned in the Barents Sea after his Me 110 had to ditch there in an emergency.
Nothing predestined these young men to one day encounter the grandiose landscapes of Norway or Lapland, as well as their hostile climates. Who would have predicted that so many of them would find their last resting places in the storm-tossed icy waters of the Arctic Sea or the snow-covered plains of the tundra? Who even now knows that the defeat of the Wehrmacht was precipitated by the failure to conquer Europe’s northern-most small territory?"

You can see more about Erik's books and purchase this book by sending him an email. Contact him via his email address on the website