Thursday, November 14

Two new figures and some pussies in love from Stalingrad Miniatures in their latest figure set...

Stalingrad Miniatures has two new figures - plus two feline friends for us in a single set this month. All four of them look like they are just a little distracted from the wartime setting around them. See these two new figures are about in our new figure preview...

Still time for love in war? A new set of sweet figures from Stalingrad!

 'Love in Wartime', (Russian tank crew) 1943-45
2 figures + 2 cats included 
# 3578
1/35th scale
Light grey resin figures
Sculpted & boxart by Alexander Zelenkov
The figure of a Russin tanker, maybe a cavalry officer, trying to woo his sweetheart is the subject of Stalingrad Miniature's latest release. 

Although these pictures are not the ones that the sculptor used in this case, they serve as some good inspiration and reference when painting these figures.As you can see, there are several images of sweeties and sweethearts in this series of pictures from the time with the same faces and uniforms being influenced by these shots
The figures themselves are sold in a set of two figures and two small cats, all cast in light grey resin and sculpted & boxart by Alexander Zelenkov. He is an excellent sculptor and has a unique style that really captures the ordinary and often very different figures and faces we see in real life. 
Here are the sculpts in light grey resin unpainted...
From his uniform, you can see that this man is a tank crew lieutenant (with tank helmet in his hands). While the lady is a junior sergeant from medic service. She has the rare narrow shoulder straps for auxiliary units.

Here are the figures painted up from Alexander - has done a nice job of giving them life I think...
You will notice to the side of the young officer working his charm the two pussy- cats in the corner, one (ginger) is seen stretching, while the other one looks on in the usual "wha??" manner of most cats, this maybe mirrors the scene of the soldier man stretching out to offer something to the young lady soldier...
You might notice also the nice sag especially of the lady soldier's uniform, she can be sitting on anything that is above the man figure - so it need not be a tank - kind of gets the mind working on how to incorporate that into my own future diorama...
From what we can see here Alexander has done a marvellous job, and we think this set will sell well.

These figures in pairs and the whole set are available right now - check these out and all of Alexander's other works at the  Stalingrad Website: