Tuesday, May 5

Preview: ICM's new 48th scale Do 217J-1/2 WWII German Night Fighter

The Do 217J-1/2 WWII German Night Fighter was used heavily early on in WWII and its lines would be familiar and attractive to modellers. ICM has the Cad drawings of the kit ready so we thought we might look at them and the real thing in our preview... 

ICM's new WWII German Night Fighter kit in development

Do 217J-1/2 WWII German Night Fighter
Kit No #48272
1/48th scale
ICM's new 48th scale Do 217J-1/2 WWII German Night Fighter is the next 48th scale kit to come from ICM and it trails on last years N-1 variant of the kit. This is an earlier type and there are a few differences - but some of you might not be familiar with it - this is some history of the type...

History of the Do 217J-1/2...
The Do 217J was a dedicated night fighter and included a J-1 and J-2 form. In 1941, with Germany under increased night-time attack by the bombers of RAF Bomber Command and with shortages of the Messerschmitt Bf 110 and the preferred Junkers Ju 88C night fighters. 
It was decided to supplement the night-fighter force with a version of the Do 217E, despite its much greater size and 15-ton weight. This aircraft, the Do 217J, was fitted with a new "solid" nose, similar to that used by Dornier in night fighter versions of the Do 17 and Do 215, with four forward-firing 2 cm MG FF cannon and four 7.92 mm machine guns.
By October 1940, the production of heavy night fighters such as the Do 217 and Ju 88, had been discussed comprehensively and by 5 November 1941, these discussions had been concluded. On 23 November the Technische Amt (T.A) had ordered the Dornier bomber fleet to be withdrawn in accordance with a decision made earlier that year on 23 May. Dornier designated the subject of their new project the "Do 217Z", later renamed the Do 217J.
Do 217J Nose of prototype Do 17Z-10 Kauz II night fighter, similar to that of the Do 217J, equipped with Matratze (mattress) 32-dipole radar antenna for its UHF-band early model Lichtenstein BC AI radar gear

The new kit from ICM:
This new kit is in 1/48th scale, and it is a progression from their other Dornier 217 kit, the Do 217N-1 Nightfighter that was released last year. The new parts are reflected on these two new sprues that ICM have developed into CAD form...
Different engine nacelles and propellers from the N-1 version, this had the BMW 801 whereas the N versions carried the uprated DB 603 A-1
The exposed engine is an option on this kit - the front cylinders anyway.
The detail of the cockpit looks good enough ( and in CAD form the edges are thicker than in real life), though many aftermarket companies will like this release and add their one cockpits no doubt...
The rear of the cockpit is similarly detailed and the self-defence position in the rear is just as detailed as the rest of the "office"
 The CAD version of the completed night fighter shows the lines of the Dornier that we all know, the longer cylindrical fuselage, the rounded wingtips and that bristle nosed radar array
The twin forked tail on the end of that long fuselage is also something synonymous with this aircraft. 
Underneath the fuselage you see the option for extended gear in a ground-mounted setup. The wheel wells are promised to be detailed we are told.
The similarities to the real thing are apparent in these to similar shots of the nose.
That is all we have on this kit so far, more as it comes close - might even get someone to build it if there is a chance - More info on this kit on the ICM Website