Friday, January 1

Ads on TMN? Help the site - click on them!

Hi TMN fans 😁

A BIG thank you!
First of all, thank you for visiting, reading and coming back to read again and again to this site. When this TMN started up as a bit of a lark about ten years ago, I never would have thought it would still be going so strongly a decade later.

For over ten years, an average of eight hours a day, I (and others) have worked on this site. The funds & the costs 
associated to run it have always come from my own pocket. Until now I haven't used any ad revenue or subscriptions, no patreon (begging) etc. It costs money to run the website as we all know, but more-so time IS money, and time is so much more precious the older we all get.

There has to be some trade off for me after so many hours taken to present a free service for readers. For a long time I have been told to apply adsense to the site as a way of keeping the site free to read. I have resisted this for over a decade as I don't like the look of it so much and the ethos of making it too "commercial". Finally I am seeing sense and trialling Adsense out for a while to see what it is like on the site and the impacts the ads have on our readers.

So - What IS changing at TMN
- There will be ads on TMN
- The ads are generated by Google, so they are safe to click if you are interested in what they are offering.

I have tried to place advertisement content that the readers might be interested in already, and I am sure it will get less intrusive over time as I refine it all to fit the site. I do not much like the look of the ads of the site at all, but over the next few weeks I will try to make it work a little more in keeping with what we all like to see here.

What is NOT changing at TMN.
The service to readers at TMN is not changing in any way, a new story pretty much every day as normal, completely free to you, great builds from our excellent model building team of great people, and lots of news just like every day before this over the last ten years.

If there is anything left, I hope to use some of that revenue to buy kits for our builders to review, so it all is a good thing to trade for a little annoyance in the end.

refuse to charge people for coming to the site. Some sites charge a subscription (pfft!)! Magazines charge YOU for the cost, then they fill them full of ads (Phooey!) Most (almost all) scale model websites, forums and FB and magazines run ads now. TMN adopting advertisements is not as bad as asking the readers to pay for access which is just totally against my beliefs on starting a hobby page to help modellers.

Remember - You don't have to buy anything!
You can help TMN when you come to the site, click on the ad links - you do not have to buy anything and you can close that link straight away if you like. 

BUT - if you at least click an ad for each article you read, it will make it that much easier to bring you more free content in the future.

Again - thank you all! here's hoping for another great decade and more in the future.

Thanks again

TMN founder Adam Norenberg and all who contribute at TMN