Thursday, September 28

Preview: BMW R 1250 GS ADV from Meng Models in 1/9th scale

The top of the tree when it comes to off-road bikes from BMW, the  BMW R 1250 GS ADV from Meng Models in 1/9th scale is the latest release from Meng. We have CAD images with a feature list in our preview...

 Preview: BMW R 1250 GS ADV From Meng Models in 1/9th scale

From Meng Models
Kit No # MT-005 
1/9th Scale
Available in: December 2023
The Subject: The BMW R 1250 GS ADV
Adventure motorcycles are designed with a distinct ethos in mind: tall frames, exceptional suspension, and powerful low-torque engines, all tailored for the thrill of exploration. Among them, the BMW R 1250 GS ADV shines as a paragon. 
BMW R 1250 GS ADV's roots can be traced back to the 1980 BMW R80 G/S. Over four decades of relentless technological advancements and design refinements have elevated the BMW R 1250 GS ADV to the forefront of modern adventure motorcycles. Its design is a harmonious blend of sleekness and dynamism. It’s powered by a twin-cylinder boxer engine, delivering a formidable 136 horsepower. Ingeniously, this engine can adapt its valve timing based on varying speeds and loads, ensuring unparalleled performance across diverse terrain.

The Kit:
This high precision MT-005 1/9 BMW R 1250 GS ADV is the latest MENG product officially licensed by BMW. This is an accurate replica of the real motorcycle. The finished model will be 253.3mm long, 105.6mm wide and 158.4mm high. This kit includes stainless steel photo-etched parts, reflective mirror foil and provides decals of four liveries. 

The imposing and majestic appearance of the BMW R 1250 GS ADV is accurately represented.
The twin-cylinder boxer engine is exquisitely replicated.
The classic load-bearing tubular steel frame is excellently represented.
The spoked rims are precisely replicated.
Front and rear shock absorbers and the steering damper are movable.
Single seat and double seat options are provided.
Stainless steel brake discs are included.
Reflective mirror foil is provided for the rearview mirrors.
All lights are represented by clear parts.
The (separately sold) SPS-091 luggage cases can be installed on it to showcase the unique charm of the motorcycle.
This kit includes decals of four liveries are included in the kit.
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