Tuesday, June 28

Alpine Miniatures Soviet AFV crew 1944/45

Alpine Miniatures
 Kit: 35119 - Russian AFV Crew
Kit no: 35119
Scale: 1/35
Pieces: Resin -
5 each (including two heads apiece)
Ages: 14 and over
Alpine Miniatures Distributors: Link


Monday, June 27

Master Details RAF/ Commonwealth Pilot - Mid - Late WWII

Kit no: 32027
Scale: 1/32
Figures:  1
Parts: 14
Material: Soft Resin & White metal
Head Choices:  4
Product Link: Here
Until a few years ago Master Details from the USA was a company with a great future. They produced some excellent pilot figures, add-ons to well-known kits such and the Hasegawa Bf 109 and P-47 kits, as well as many drop tank and weapon sets. These bits not only added to the kits, but made real museum pieces of them. The additions were much sought after with the bad news that the company ceased trading last year. It was a blow to modellers who lost a good supply of quality aftermarket additions.

Sunday, June 26

Alpine Miniatures Reviews

Construction Review: Alpine’s new 35th scale figures of two French tankers from WWII

Construction review: Alpine Miniatures 35th scale figure Joachim Peiper Kharkov Set

Build Review: Alpine Miniatures new “Afrika” DAK AFV crew set in 35th scale

Construction Review: Alpine Miniature's new Kampfgruppe Hansen at Poteau Set

1/35th scale

1/35th scale


Alpine Miniatures Kit35123: WW2 Italian AFV Officer 

16014 - 1/16th Luftwaffe Ace Werner Mölders 

 35119 - 1/35th Russian AFV Crew



Tuesday, June 21

PCM 1/32 Focke Wulf Fw 190A3 - Pt I

I thought it would be a place of difference in this blog we do here at osprey to show kits you may consider buying built with a step-by-step blog of the troubles and triumphs I encounter along the way. We have made a start on this with the Zundapp motorbike and the MiniArt Riverbank sections, I thought I would kit a few aircraft next. We want to bring you the skinny on kits you may be thinking about purchasing but not sure? Let us do the hard yards and find the humps and bumps for you. Along with looking at the kit unassembled I will review it built as well to give you a better idea of what your money is getting. Rules are I build from the box and only add what I can add from scratch materials. So strap yourself in while I bring you the 1/32 Pacific Coast models Focke Wulf Fw 190a 0/1/2/3 kit.

Kit no: PCM 32011
Subject: Focke Wulf Fw 19A0/1/2/3
Scale: 1/32nd
Kit Type: Sprues: 4 grey + 1 clear Styrene + Grey Resin parts + Photo Etch multimedia kit
Decal choices: 8!!! 5 aircraft spanning the A1 + A-2 and A3 
Where I got mine: Modelwholesale.co.uk for £59.69

This kit is an interesting proposition, for it is unique in that these early stub nosed FW 190’s have not been kitted in this scale before. The Hasegawa kit that this one mirrors has not been changed to incorporate these earlier A1, A2& and A3 marks, although it would be a very easy to achieve. Simply why this hasn’t been done is anyone’s guess but Hasegawa seem never to be rushed! The other option for an early ‘190 is the Montex kit which is a resin in-fill to be used on the Hasegawa Fw 190A5 kit (which is now out of production). Montex asks for you to cut down the fuselage to add the shorter nose of the earlier engine. Although it is a good kit (complete with masks) I liked the look of this PCM kit – which enables you to do the tree earliest butcher birds without any major surgery. Also a plus is that the kit has several resin enhancements that add value, together with some imported additions which I will mention later.

The version I will be making


EriK Mombeeck Luftwaffe Gallery No2

This month a new publication from the noted Luftwaffe author and historian Erik Mombeeck. This, the second in Erik’s “Lu/Ga” (Luftwaffe Gallery) series of publications serves as a neat distraction from some of his other publications that go deep into unit histories and the pilots that flew them. These are smaller in page number and in word count, but large in pictorial and artistic detail. The first book in this series proudly adorns my shelf and now I thought I could show off the second to you.

Saturday, June 18

Review - Three new 1/32 Zotz P-51D decal sets

In wake of the hotly anticipated Tamiya and Zoukei-Mura P-51D Mustang releases in 1/32 scale there has been a raft of products released and announced to compliment what is hoped to be “the ultimate Mustang”. Good timing or good luck have landed on the decal makers’ Zotz from Mexico’s door here, as just about the same time as the announcement of these two kits Zotz have released THREE new decal sets for the Mustang in 32nd scale.