Friday, July 22

Great Wall Hobby Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 “Nachtjäger” Build Pt II


Last week we took a look at the new Fw189 kit from Great Wall Hobby, (if you missed it here is the kit review) this week we go deeper in and cut sprue, trim seam and fill injector pin marks!! 


Great Wall Hobby
Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 “Nachtjäger”
Styrene Parts: 182 (grey and clear) on 6 sprues
32 P/E parts on one sheet
Canopy masks + Decals for one aircraft
 Where I got mine:  for £34.99

New Zotz Harriers in 1/32

PhotobucketZotz from Mexico have released two new sheets of decals for the Harrier II and Gr7 harriers respectively – the first being for the advanced harrier and covering US, Spanish and Indian harriers, the second being for British Harriers during the Afghanistan Operations “Telic & Herrick” as well as some display aircraft in Germany and another on deployment to Norway in 2004. These sheets are in 1/32 and are made by modellers for modellers – On Large Scale Planes, there was a kind of “Suggestion Box” where you could put forward your own favourite scheme and these schemes won out.

Friday, July 15

MasterBox - MB:3592: Friday Night's Alright For Fightin' ??

Master Box - No: MB3592
Hand –to-hand fight, British and German Infantry.
Battles in north Africa. WWII era. Kit 1


Thursday, July 14

Monday, July 11

Vulcan Scale Models No:56006 1/35 " Zundapp K800" Review and build

Kit no: 56006
Scale: 1/35
Parts: 79
Sprues:  3 styrene + 2 metal spoke sheets +1 Brass P/E
Ages: 14 and over
Marking Choices:  2
Price: 9.95 - from Model Wholesale UK


Sunday, July 10

MiniArt - 36044 1/35 Dioramas Series " River Embankment Section"

PhotobucketMiniArt - 36044 1/35 Dioramas Series " River Embankment Section"


Saturday, July 9

Verlinden 2650 Jagdflieger Tactics & 2651 Jagdflieger Aces

Whilst looking at the latest offerings from Verlinden this month, I saw two very interesting new kits. They caught my eye because they were both depicting pilots/crew of Luftwaffe aircraft from WWII in a scale that is severely bereft of figures to choose from. It seems if you model in 1/32 scale there are scant choices for "out of the cockpit" diorama figures around, and so I thought we must take a closer look at these.

Friday, July 8

Alpine Miniatures 35116 US AFV Crew figure combo set

35116 WW2 US AFV Crew Set (2 Figures) WW2 US AFV Crew Set (2 Figures)

Thursday, July 7

Master Detils Positionable Stabilisers


Master Details of the USA 1/32
 Kit: 32021
1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt Horizontal Stabs and Elevators
Four parts of cream resin
MSRP: US$15.95
Where I got mine: Master Details Site

Wednesday, July 6

Great Wall hobby Kit 4801 - The Fw189A-1 "Nachtjager" in 1/48 - Review and Build Part I

For your modelling degustation this week we have a new kit No 4801 – the 1/48th scale Fw 189A-1 “Nachtjäger” from Great Wall Hobby from China. This is a several part review/build in which the first part will be a traditional review - then a dry fit and also a picture essay of some of the parts and larger assemblies dry fitted to give you an idea of the aircraft kit’s features as well as its fit.The third part will be painting and finishing the kit off and my final conclusions.