Friday, August 26

MB 35100 - German military car, Type 170 V, Tourenwagen, 4 Turen, 1937-1940. Built up and reviewed

It seems the next logical thing to do in World War II vehicles to look for new ground. LZ models with the Weasel, the Admiral Cabriolet from ICM, and the new 4X4 (Opel Blitz) trucks from Dragon and the new MB TYPE 170V Personenwagen from MiniArt - Masterbox have taken up the challenge for their “birthday” kit.

Monday, August 22

MXPression's second DVD release - Painting 1/35 Scale Figures with Acrylic Colours

Our newest favourite  video tutorial,modelling accesories (and not to mention calender makers)  MXPression of germany have just sent us news about thier next exciting new release in instructional videos – this time on figure painting with acrylics.


Friday, August 19

New P-51 decals with a chequered past and some racy names from Zotz - Plus the Harriers have landed!

Freshly announced P-51D decals (never enough decals for this seeing people are buying multiples of the Tamiya kit ) from ZOTZ from Mexico.

Wednesday, August 17

Building the Pacific Coast Models Focke Wulf Fw 190A3 Pt IV

Part IV – Finished!  No - that’s finished…No NOW that’s finished…. The reluctant Butcherbird.

Friday, August 5

Revell He 111P-1 in 1/32 scale - or "Honey i shrank the workbench!"

Revell of Germany
1/32 He 111P-1 Review and mini-construction

Wednesday, August 3

Master Box - No: MB3561 Rommel & German Tank Crew, DAK, WWII era

Masterbox from the Ukraine have released their new kit of six figures from the German Afrika Korps in World War II. These figures are seen atop a Panzer III on the (as Ever) excellent box art by Andrey Karaschuk. There is something different about these figures though from a regular set of soldiers and an officer – this officer Just happens to Be Field Marshal Erwin Rommel – A.K.A. “The Desert Fox”

Tuesday, August 2

1/48th Great Wall Hobby Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 “Nachtjäger” Pt III

Hey guys n’ gals – The third part of my build of the Great wall hobby Fw189A-1 “Nachtjäger” is ready. I thought it was better to show you “warts and all” rather than a gloss over so you can appreciate the little things needn’t be a full stop or even a long pause on a kit. So read on here as I show you the harder parts of this kit’s assembly and how to best these challenges so you reap the rewards later on with this lovely little “Uhu” kit.

Part III – The only easy day is yesterday…


Wednesday, July 27

TMN on Tour: RIAT Airshow - RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire Saturday16th 2011

We were lucky enough to see the exotic and dynamic aircraft at this year's RIAT Airshow in RAF Fairford in the UK. We took a bunch of pictures of the impressive aircraft and vehicles there, and we have it today for you in our photo-essay of the day and event.

Tuesday, July 26

Building a Modern Multimedia Kit Pt III

Building a Modern Multimedia Kit
1/32 Pacific Coast models Focke Wulf Fw 190a 0/1/2/3 kit.

Part III – the agony and the ecstasy…
Read on at the link below for part three

Monday, July 25

ICM 1/35 Admiral Cabriolet First Impressions


ICM Admiral Cabriolet, WWII German Staff Car
Kit no: 35471
Scale: 1:35
Parts: 185
5 Sprues in tan + 1 clear for windows
4 versions on the decal sheet included
Ages: 14 and over
Where I got mine: ICM website