Sunday, October 30

Panda-Hobby's 1/35 Oshkosh MRAP M-ATV Test shot Review

We are very privileged at the Modelling News and we know it – some days we feel more privileged than other days - today is just one of those days as we are lucky enough to get our hands on one of the first test shots of the first kit from Panda-Hobby from the Far East. - It is of the latest Humvee replacement for the U.S. Army the MATV – more precisely in this case the MRAP M-ATV or the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle in 1/35th scale.

1/48th Great Wall Hobby Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 “Nachtjäger” Part V

The last instalment of the building of this great little kit from Great Wall Hobbies left us at the 90% construction completed and the undercoat on – the main painting was next for me – and with some new paints to try and a nightfighter scheme I wasn't completely at home with (and there being no information on this particular bird) would this come out all right?  Read on intrepid Fw-189 fans….

Tuesday, October 25

Alpine Miniatures Kit: 35125 German DAK Fallschirmjäger #2 Reveiw & Construction

Interestingly this month Alpine Miniatures have released a pair of figures that aren’t really a set! As the answer to their earlier pairing of figures sets which had only one released each they bring the matching pair, both from the African theatre - these are the 35125 German DAK Fallschirmjäger #2 and the 35123 35123 WW2 Italian AFV Officer, both in 1/35 scale.

Saturday, October 22

MasterBox MB 3594 – “Allied Forces, WW II era, North Africa, desert battles series Review


Anyone of you see the 1995 tele-movie starring Jim Belushi called “Sahara”? Well in that movie there was a bunch of rag tag soldiers who were defending a well in the middle of the desert against a numerically superior force of German infantry. 500 German soldiers versus nine soldiers from many of the allied nations in the world at that time, most prominently were a Senegalese infantryman, and Aussie Bren Gun soldier, and British young soldier, a Free French soldier and the American Tank Sargent (Belushi). Well I was inspired to watch that movie today when this set arrived on the doorstep from MasterBox – Clearly inspired from the movie (this isn’t a bad thing at all) called “MB 3594 – “Allied Forces, WW II era, North Africa”

The whole charm about these figures is that they are based (unofficially) on the 1995 movie. As I had just re-watched the movie I had the instant connection with them and could see the colours and painting of these figures in my head already.

Friday, October 21

Revell of Germany Kit no 06675: TIE Fighter Star Wars Easykit™ Review

Did you know that the Sound of a TIE fighter was made by combining the sound of an Elephant with a car driving on a wet road? - Well neither did I! And because we like Star Wars here we have something fun for you today – the Revell Easykit of the Twin Ion Engine (or TIE) Imperial fighter.

Thursday, October 20

Adam Wilder - Dealing with PhotoEtch - DVD Review -

What precisely can we expect from this title you ask? Well you get everything you need to know as a good base of skills for a start. From the planning to the tools, tips and actual application of all of these together this DVD deals with all of the intricacies of Photoetch – that love it or hate it resource for modellers.

“Hello I’m Adam Wilder” is usually not the start of a played-by-the-numbers DVD. I have watched a few DVD’s that Adam has presented before… and none of them have been boring - how does this one - his first independent release fare? Let's see..

Sunday, October 9

Tools of the workbench review: The Xuron Professional Modeller’s Tool Kit

When my last set of sprue cutters died and tried to “de-eye” me in the process I thought time to “get Zerious” as Arnold would say and invest in some new sprue cutters and P/E scissors – I also needed some Ad-hoc P/E bending tools – in this set from Xuron I think I have met my match! I have been using these for several months to fully test them out and to give a proper assessment of their usefulness.

Friday, October 7

Review - MB3593 - "Zum Sturm! Vorwärts!" German Infantry, DAK, WWII Era

Ok - Forward! Into this review! we go –Today we are looking at Masterbox’s newest release and the third in its “North Africa Desert Battles” series after MB 3580 “British Infantry in action, Northern Africa, WW II era” and MB 3592 "Hand-to-hand fight, British and German Infantry. Battles in Northern Africa” – we have seen and reviewed these other sets – let’s have a look at this set to see what the German infantry is made of – quite literally…


Thursday, October 6

Review - Zotz 78th FG Mustangs - The Duxford Eagles

The P-51 Mustang really is in the modellers minds right now – with many being built I thought I would show you to brand spanking new sets from Decal makers ZOTZ today.

Saturday, October 1

Review - Mantis Miniatures 35034 U.S AFV Crew

Mantis Miniatures from Poland bring us a combined pair of figures this month to make a paired kit - 35034 U.S AFV Crew  features two soldiers leaning against a wall ( a shipping container in the box art photo) in this kit however the figures could be standing in front of almost anything. The figures are the individual sets 35033 - U.S AFV Gunner + 35032 - U.S AFV Driver/Mechanic.