Wednesday, November 9

Review - MXPression Painting a 1/35 figure with Acrylic colours Presented by Oliver Kovacs

We first heard of MXPression from a few very nice calendars and this even better DVD on painting camouflages with acrylics in our review – Now that video was pretty informative and showed us a lot of useful things – can their latest video – MXPression Painting a 1/35 figure with Acrylic colours - a title directed towards the mastering of figure painting with acrylic paint presented by the extremely talented painter Oliver Kovacs top MXPression’s previous offering? Let’s have a look. First the trailer – then click on below for the review...

Tuesday, November 8

Review - Let’s Road test Kagero Red Series Decals…


Kagero from Poland bring us the much awaited “Red Series” of decals and accompanying 8 page reference – are the decals any good? Is the reference worth having? Let’s apply the decals to the kit and have a look to see what you get with this new “Red Series”

Monday, November 7

I wish I knew about his a while ago! Eduard releases impressive add-ons for GWH Fw-189A

In the “I wish I had this a few months ago” catagory is the new photo etch sets for the Nightfighter Fw 189A-1 originally sold by Great Wall Hobbies. I started this build  on The Modelling News a while ago and it’s quite a nice little kit by itself – then this turns up ! Absolutely making what detail there was look pretty basic in comparison -  these three sets turn your lovely little nightfighter into a show stopper!

Saturday, November 5

Some new titles from MMD and Some new "helmetage" in 1/48th

Squadron and True Details from the U.S. of A have some titbits this month for all the lovers of the M41 Walker Bulldog and the fans of the M1917 WWI series of tanks, well you can rejoice as your walk-arounds are here!
Also people in need of a helmet to fit your latest Encore Model "Tweet" pilot's head (or any other 70's US pilot from that era) True details had you covered with their latest flight helmets in 1/48th.

Friday, November 4

Review - Scale Aircraft Conversions 1/32 P-51D Landing Gear (Tamiya kit)

Well well well – recently we were treated to the release of the perfect kit - or so it is said by the on-line masses. The devotees to these two most famous modelling draw cards – the P-51D Mustang and Tamiya.

Well it is here and in 1/32 - what a winning combination! Indeed I own the kit and I am extremely impressed with it – but on doing a bit of research I did however find out that there indeed were a few areas of consternation with the kit with the general public – the wings - riveted or not?, injection marks in the MG bay doors and a little issue about the landing gear – well on a kit so good these aren’t such a big deal – but on a kit so good why not shoot for the moon and make everything the best it can be? Let’s see if these metal landing gear replacements from Scale Aircraft Conversions make this into the perfect kit which we all hope to own...

I could watch this all day!

Thursday, November 3

Review - Alpine Miniatures Kit35123: WW2 Italian AFV Officer

The second of Alpine Miniature’s releases for the month and today we have something different - an Italian AFV Officer from WWII – Everyone is begging for something apart from another German figure – well here is your chance guys! This figure combines with the earlier Italian officer to make a pair of Italian tanker crew – (set 35124) - time to see if he lives up to his partner’s high standards for figures from Alpine….

Kagero - MiniTopcolors no.25 - "Barbarossa" 1941 Decal and book review


Recently Kagero has had a massive release schedule in their “decal and book” (– or is it “book and decal?”) range of titles – Kagero have a few different ranges but most stick to the “profile/picture/decal” format. Today we examine the “Barbarossa 1941” Title and see how the decals go on to a test kit.

Monday, October 31

Revell of Germany Photo Etch Sheet 00715 He 111P-1 Interior Details Review

Just when you thought there was no aftermarket coming out for your new Revell Germany He 111P-1 kit they all come at once – foremost of these is the add on Photoetch set from Revell themselves to add more detail to the cockpit area – let’s have a look…

Sunday, October 30

Panda-Hobby's 1/35 Oshkosh MRAP M-ATV Test shot Review

We are very privileged at the Modelling News and we know it – some days we feel more privileged than other days - today is just one of those days as we are lucky enough to get our hands on one of the first test shots of the first kit from Panda-Hobby from the Far East. - It is of the latest Humvee replacement for the U.S. Army the MATV – more precisely in this case the MRAP M-ATV or the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle in 1/35th scale.

1/48th Great Wall Hobby Focke Wulf Fw189A-1 “Nachtjäger” Part V

The last instalment of the building of this great little kit from Great Wall Hobbies left us at the 90% construction completed and the undercoat on – the main painting was next for me – and with some new paints to try and a nightfighter scheme I wasn't completely at home with (and there being no information on this particular bird) would this come out all right?  Read on intrepid Fw-189 fans….