Wednesday, November 30

Review - Kagero miniTopColors no.26 Battle of Britain Part III - Decal and Book set

For the other part of Kagero’s miniTopcolors release this month is the German’s turn – the great aircraft of the Luftwaffe at the part of the Battle of Britain are covered here in reference and decal for – have they run out of ideas on this the third part of the Luftwaffe B.O.B. trilogy?
Let’s have a look!

Sunday, November 27

Review - Kagero - miniTopColors no.27 Polish Spitfires Decal and Book set

Any fans of the movie “Battle of Britain” ( I bet a few who come here) will be big fans of what the RAF and Foreign pilots did to protect  the Allies from being defeated by the Nazi Luftwaffe in World War II
Chief amongst these were the sixteen squadrons of Polish pilots who fought from their own territory through the Battle of Britain to the invasion of Europe by the Allies and War’s end in that theatre in 1945. Kagero have released a book and decal special to show some of these pilot’s aircraft and hopefully have you making some of these aircraft up with their schemes on your latest spitfire kit - let’s look at the Book/Decal combo in action.

Saturday, November 26

Review - Combat Chronicles of the Black Widow - Warren E. Thompson

Right about now there are plenty of people really in need of references of the P-61 Black Widow night fighter from Northrop. The Great Wall Hobby kit in 1/48th and the Hobbyboss kit in 1/32 about to rock people’s socks off the need to know as much as they can about this aircraft as fast as possible. I have found just the book to clue you all in…

Friday, November 25

Review - L.Z.Models 1/35 German Bergepanzer 38(t) Hetzer – Late version conversion set.

The people at L.Z. Models bring us something new this month – a conversion for the Dragon or Tamiya kit of the Hetzer 38(t) tank in 1/35. This little tank was converted to a battlefield recovery vehicle and L.Z has sent us a conversion for the late model kit – let’s have a look at it...

Thursday, November 24

Review - Alpine Miniatures - 35129 WW2 Russian Scout Set (2 Figures)

Alpine Miniatures – the benchmark in 1/35 ( and sometimes 1/16th) figure making have come up with something different this months – for those bemoaning the lack of any figures except German WWII soldiers to add to their excellent Italian AFV crew last month this month Alpine brings us two new Soviet scout figures – let’s have a look at them…

Monday, November 21

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part X – Grey Matter Figures with news & the last of the competition winners

Whew! It has been a week and ten parts of galleries since returning from Telford and here is the last in the pictures of wonderful kits from all of the entrants the competition and the special interest groups – it was great to see everything and I hope it’s inspired you all to get model building rather than stash building!

Lastly though the final in the special people we said hi to at Telford – this time the specialists in Resin Grey Matter Figures. GMF makes aircraft add-ons and top quality conversions to make improvements to your basic kits and turn them into show stoppers. They had an exciting announcement for the Telford show goers…
The GMF guys ( and ladies) are always nice to speak to at the show!
Grey Matter Figures have taken on the moulds from the talented Mr Jerry Rutman's 1/32 HS 129 full kit and now have to get the decals, brass etc. This kit was good on initial release and GMF have promised to release as many as will sill to the public. If you are after one of these beauties in 1/32 resin please do send an email to them at this email address and you will be given priority with shipping when the kit goes on sale – this is not a commitment to buy just of intent so they know how many to make. Please email with “HS129 interest” in the title. If you want to get one!
Last of the competition kits with the grand prize winner and some of the best kits form the show in this gallery – back to normal news tomorrow please do enjoy this - the last bunch! Thanks for tuning in to them, back to normal programming tomorrow.

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part IX – BarracudaCals visits and the penultimate gallery of contestants.

Getting ready to hop back into reality but two excellent galleries of show contestants to give you first – these are some of the top prize winners from Telford Scale Model World – I hope you like looking at them as much as I did!
Just before that the good thing about the show is seeing people you never knew but admired their work – one such person was the talented Roy Sutherland from BarracudaCals. Roy makes decals, books and resin parts for converting your great new kit into an even greater kit! His latest releases to compliment the Spitfires and Mustangs released by Tamiya are top selling masterpieces – to check them out just clickety-click on his shop at the link here

Roy’s latest endeavour is his book featuring the history of the P-47 group the 356th fighter group called “Thunderbolts of the HellHawks” – It is a true labour of love for Roy and he promises me  it will be out soon, from what he said when we met at the show it really will be worth a look with mostly never before told stories, pictures and profiles. A good page to bookmark is “Roy’s Rantshis blog in which he keeps you updated as to his product updates and indeed his own work in the modelling industry. To have met people like Roy is a great privilege the show at Telford gives you the ability to achieve
On to the penultimate gallery now – Over 100 more pictures to add to the haul – and most of them in focus! Check out these amazing aircraft  and vehicle models and do drop in tomorrow for the tenth and final part as well - you weren’t doing anything else were you??

Sunday, November 20

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part VIII – Eileen’s Emporium & the Last of the SIG and Model Club aircraft.

Well we are at part eight out of ten of the Telford Scale Model world galleries and I for one am amazed at the great models on show – these are the last of the bunch from the special interest groups and the various model clubs that attended.

Before this gallery I thought I’d introduce you to the girls from Eileen’s Emporium (– neither of these ladies being Eileen herself) This shop is one of those places you wish you had in your town – they sell every type of glue, cutting tool, plastic strip, airbrush, vice, surface preparation, decal solution, paint brush - well you know what I mean – they have everything!
Situated near the stand these guys were going gangbusters selling people those little things which the high street model shops just don’t stock – all of the little things you have to get from overseas or some random mail order place they seemed to stock – I am a fan anyway!
This is their homepage if you need a supplier in England especially for your modelling sundries.
Now for the second last of the galleries before regular scheduling of news and reviews resumes Monday.

Saturday, November 19

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part VII – Deluxe Materials and the competition table armour

Part seven – yes seven – of the Telford Galleries brings us the competition tables full of military vehicles and armour to compliment the other armour from the special interest groups and model clubs in part III

Deluxe Materials are often at the shows around the UK – I went in to investigate and it is like going into a wonderland of slick demonstration as the guys there show you how to use their amazing range of products – it all looks too easy as they show you how their special plastic glue runs circles around anything I have tried before – they have three different superglues of different viscosity and a plethora of ways of applying them – special canopy glues – powder filler you simply apply to a gap then solidify with the super thin superglue with the tiny tip – it’s all amazing stuff!
Deluxe have adhesives and solutions for not just plastic scale modelling, they also have solutions for any for your woodwork, R.C. vehicles, Balsa and foam modelling, boat and Railway enthusiasts. Their video page is a wonder to behold to see their products in action. Really this puts my old (I thought pretty neat at the time) Revell Contacta firmly in the corner! From lead weighted tiny balls to non-toxic glue for kids – water soluble putty the list goes on as to what they have in store. Deluxe also do Scenic materials like snow – rust and water, and if at a show they go out of their way to show you how good their stuff is.
Give their page a workout and if you see them at the shows go and have a look – I was amazed at what was there.
OK on to the competition winners and nearly winners now – a great bunch of over 100 pictures again please enjoy – and stay tuned over the next few days for the last parts of the Telford show’s people and plastic on offer..

Friday, November 18

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part VI – Kitsworld Decals & more amazing kits from Special interest Groups

Part six of this special on Telford brings over 90 new pictures of the event from all of the special interest groups attending, mostly aircraft this time there were some amazing models on show that were just as good as some of the competition winners – why they didn’t make the leap to the table I don’t know but there were some amazing works of art in the large rear halls!

While in the rear hall it was nice to see the guys from Kitsworld Decals – They make lots of special sheets for all of the more colourful aircraft out there – these really caught the eye of many of the visitors to the show with sales being good – An English company, Kitsworld  chooses from the massive range of some of the more "less publicised" nose art and makes these the focus of their releases rather than adding all of the markings and data sheets – they give you everything you need to add to the already supplied kit markings to make the model you want to .
 Click on the link here to see the future releases from Kitsworld – From 72nd to 32nd they have modellers covered with already released and some as yet to be released kits in their range. For something different than what you are used to I would have a look at what they have to offer.

The usual suspects...

On to today’s gallery of more than ninety pics of splendidly finished models from the special interest group and modelling club tables – all appealing and finished to a great standard – well be having more of these this week finishing on the weekend with all of the winners from the show – enjoy today’s and all of this week’s pics by selecting below