Tuesday, December 27

Review - J's Work 1/35 WWII German Supplies Carton +1/48 Medical Boxes

PhotobucketThe Americans had their “C” rations – the Empire soldiers their “bully beef on cans, the Germans had their own much loved – and much maligned rations as well - J’s work from China has sent us some of these small model cardboard containers which were the most common to ship food in during the second world war – complete with markings this set comes on a cardboard sheet - let’s look closer.

Sunday, December 25

Review - Masterbox MB 3591 - US checkpoint in Iraq

PhotobucketMasterBox have developed a reputation of creating figure sets that tell a story in a box, they also ‘go with a theme’ the best example of this are the north African themed sets, 3 in total, with a set dedicated to British and German infantry and the third set depicting some intense hand to hand fighting - and  following on from this, MasterBox released a set of Iraqi insurgents (depicting insurgents during the American/British invasion to remove Saddam Hussain) and now we have ‘US checkpoint in Iraq

Sunday, December 4

Decal Review - Vintage Eagle Publishing – Captured Eagles German WWII Aircraft Captured By the Allies in 1/48th and 1/32 scales


Vintage Eagle Publishing Have hit the ground running with their first publication “Vintage Eagle Publishing – Captured Eagles German WWII Aircraft Captured By the Allies Vol.I” and as well at the same time have brought out a decal set in both 1/48th and 1/32(yay!) scales to match this book release. Vintage have picked four of the best covered pictorially and at the same time a varied and interesting foursome of aircraft to cover in their first decal sheet release.


Saturday, December 3

Review - Vintage Eagle publishing – Captured Eagles Vol. I.

A really interesting book and decal set has emerged this month – from new publishing house Vintage Eagle Publications this is a book studying the aircraft that were surrendered to – found or “grabbed” by the allies at the closing stages of the European war against Germany in the west. Is it a book with lots of wrecked aircraft or a tale of secret technology stealing shenanigans or is it? Do you buy the book to compliment the decals or the other way around? Let’s have a look at the book today and see how it fares…

Wednesday, November 30

Review - Kagero miniTopColors no.26 Battle of Britain Part III - Decal and Book set

For the other part of Kagero’s miniTopcolors release this month is the German’s turn – the great aircraft of the Luftwaffe at the part of the Battle of Britain are covered here in reference and decal for – have they run out of ideas on this the third part of the Luftwaffe B.O.B. trilogy?
Let’s have a look!

Sunday, November 27

Review - Kagero - miniTopColors no.27 Polish Spitfires Decal and Book set

Any fans of the movie “Battle of Britain” ( I bet a few who come here) will be big fans of what the RAF and Foreign pilots did to protect  the Allies from being defeated by the Nazi Luftwaffe in World War II
Chief amongst these were the sixteen squadrons of Polish pilots who fought from their own territory through the Battle of Britain to the invasion of Europe by the Allies and War’s end in that theatre in 1945. Kagero have released a book and decal special to show some of these pilot’s aircraft and hopefully have you making some of these aircraft up with their schemes on your latest spitfire kit - let’s look at the Book/Decal combo in action.

Saturday, November 26

Review - Combat Chronicles of the Black Widow - Warren E. Thompson

Right about now there are plenty of people really in need of references of the P-61 Black Widow night fighter from Northrop. The Great Wall Hobby kit in 1/48th and the Hobbyboss kit in 1/32 about to rock people’s socks off the need to know as much as they can about this aircraft as fast as possible. I have found just the book to clue you all in…

Friday, November 25

Review - L.Z.Models 1/35 German Bergepanzer 38(t) Hetzer – Late version conversion set.

The people at L.Z. Models bring us something new this month – a conversion for the Dragon or Tamiya kit of the Hetzer 38(t) tank in 1/35. This little tank was converted to a battlefield recovery vehicle and L.Z has sent us a conversion for the late model kit – let’s have a look at it...

Thursday, November 24

Review - Alpine Miniatures - 35129 WW2 Russian Scout Set (2 Figures)

Alpine Miniatures – the benchmark in 1/35 ( and sometimes 1/16th) figure making have come up with something different this months – for those bemoaning the lack of any figures except German WWII soldiers to add to their excellent Italian AFV crew last month this month Alpine brings us two new Soviet scout figures – let’s have a look at them…

Monday, November 21

IPMS Telford Scale Model World 2011 Part X – Grey Matter Figures with news & the last of the competition winners

Whew! It has been a week and ten parts of galleries since returning from Telford and here is the last in the pictures of wonderful kits from all of the entrants the competition and the special interest groups – it was great to see everything and I hope it’s inspired you all to get model building rather than stash building!

Lastly though the final in the special people we said hi to at Telford – this time the specialists in Resin Grey Matter Figures. GMF makes aircraft add-ons and top quality conversions to make improvements to your basic kits and turn them into show stoppers. They had an exciting announcement for the Telford show goers…
The GMF guys ( and ladies) are always nice to speak to at the show!
Grey Matter Figures have taken on the moulds from the talented Mr Jerry Rutman's 1/32 HS 129 full kit and now have to get the decals, brass etc. This kit was good on initial release and GMF have promised to release as many as will sill to the public. If you are after one of these beauties in 1/32 resin please do send an email to them at this email address and you will be given priority with shipping when the kit goes on sale – this is not a commitment to buy just of intent so they know how many to make. Please email mailto:tim@greymatterfigures.com with “HS129 interest” in the title. If you want to get one!
Last of the competition kits with the grand prize winner and some of the best kits form the show in this gallery – back to normal news tomorrow please do enjoy this - the last bunch! Thanks for tuning in to them, back to normal programming tomorrow.