Friday, January 20

Decal Review – Dutch Decal No: 32013 P-51D/K Mustang MLKNIL/RNEIAAF:

Dutch Decal from the Netherlands have not only given us their new book “A Modeller’s guide: P-51D/K Mustang Photo File (ML-KNIL/RNEAAF)” This month but have also made the decals to Match! Just in time for the 1/32 Tamiya P-51kit these decals look to give you an interesting edge over others at the judging table and a talking point with friends who may have not even seen a mustang in Dutch colours before. Let’s take a look

Wednesday, January 18

Review – Dutch Profile A Modeller’s guide: P-51D/K Mustang Photo File (ML-KNIL/RNEAAF)

The very interesting book and decal makers Dutch Profile from the Netherlands bring us a new addition to the realm of products that have come out for the 1/32 Tamiya Mustang this year. Their new book (and the separately sold accompanying decals we will look at in another review) certainly look like a worthy addition to further uniquify (is that a word?) your new masterpiece P-51 – to make it a standout from everyone else’s with such a different bunch of schemes – first you need someone to do the research when doing such exotic subjects - Let’s look at this book detail to see if the promise is as good as the outcome…

Tuesday, January 17

Review - Alpine Miniatures 35132: 1/35 German Panther Crew Set (2 Figures)

PhotobucketAlpine Miniatures have sent us their latest set of two single figures combined to make a matched pair in the set 35132: 1/35 German Panther Crew Set. This features a full bodied tank commander and his Machine gunner/ radio operator crewman who is ¾ bodied. Sure to be a popular subject with modellers we'll examine them to see if the quality is at the usual benchmark that Alpine themselves have set.

Sunday, January 15

Review – Storming The Bombers - A chronicle of JG4 - The Luftwaffe’s 4th fighter wing Vol. 2 1944-45

We don’t go to the trouble of reading too many books here if we can help it (They tend to get in the way of modelling) but this one was a special case, coming in at 232 pages – this title Storming The Bombers - A chronicle of JG4 - The Luftwaffe’s 4th fighter wing Vol. 2 1944-45 – is the second part of the history of the Luftwaffe’s JG4 and is written by Luftwaffe historian Erik Mombeeck . 

Well bound on quality paper stock this tome promises thoughly researched pages packed with the accounts of this famous unit & great pictures of the aircraft and the pilots who flew them. Tempted? - well we just couldn't not say no – click the link below to see what we learned about the book.

Thursday, January 12

Review J's Work 1/35 Modern Military Equipment set

From J'sWork Model we have a new set of modern military equipment, this looks like a must for anyone building a modern AFV or scene, but will the set live up to expectations? Or will we feel "Ill equipped"? Let’s have a look.

Wednesday, January 11

Review – MasterBox kit 3599 – “Patrolling” Vietnam War series

Master box have very kindly sent us their Vietnam era set - It’s fair to say that we don’t have enough figures from this era so any release will be gladly received. - lets have a look if they are up to the usual MasterBox standard...

Tuesday, December 27

Review - J's Work 1/35 WWII German Supplies Carton +1/48 Medical Boxes

PhotobucketThe Americans had their “C” rations – the Empire soldiers their “bully beef on cans, the Germans had their own much loved – and much maligned rations as well - J’s work from China has sent us some of these small model cardboard containers which were the most common to ship food in during the second world war – complete with markings this set comes on a cardboard sheet - let’s look closer.

Sunday, December 25

Review - Masterbox MB 3591 - US checkpoint in Iraq

PhotobucketMasterBox have developed a reputation of creating figure sets that tell a story in a box, they also ‘go with a theme’ the best example of this are the north African themed sets, 3 in total, with a set dedicated to British and German infantry and the third set depicting some intense hand to hand fighting - and  following on from this, MasterBox released a set of Iraqi insurgents (depicting insurgents during the American/British invasion to remove Saddam Hussain) and now we have ‘US checkpoint in Iraq

Sunday, December 4

Decal Review - Vintage Eagle Publishing – Captured Eagles German WWII Aircraft Captured By the Allies in 1/48th and 1/32 scales


Vintage Eagle Publishing Have hit the ground running with their first publication “Vintage Eagle Publishing – Captured Eagles German WWII Aircraft Captured By the Allies Vol.I” and as well at the same time have brought out a decal set in both 1/48th and 1/32(yay!) scales to match this book release. Vintage have picked four of the best covered pictorially and at the same time a varied and interesting foursome of aircraft to cover in their first decal sheet release.


Saturday, December 3

Review - Vintage Eagle publishing – Captured Eagles Vol. I.

A really interesting book and decal set has emerged this month – from new publishing house Vintage Eagle Publications this is a book studying the aircraft that were surrendered to – found or “grabbed” by the allies at the closing stages of the European war against Germany in the west. Is it a book with lots of wrecked aircraft or a tale of secret technology stealing shenanigans or is it? Do you buy the book to compliment the decals or the other way around? Let’s have a look at the book today and see how it fares…