Wednesday, February 8

LZ Models fords the gap with another little masterpiece

L.Z. Models have released details of an excellent new truck - the CMP Ford F15 with open Cab in 1/35th scale. With some pretty broad possibilites for swapping and updating the cargo compartment you can add Breda guns and even a flak 20mm (which we are told is coming very soon as a kit from LZ in itself) - Lets have a look at  the information you need to know about this new kit..

Tuesday, February 7

BarracudaCals surface with their new Mustang sets

BarracudaCals Have finally fessed up with the news on their excellent 1/32 scale add-ons to turn your already darn good kit of a P-51D Mustang into a show stopper. With all of the new Mustang kits on the market (and the fact that these can all be adapted to fit them if need be) and the undeniable popularity of this aircraft these are set to be a big seller! Also there are the latest in P-51 decals, cockpit placards and even a book on the thunderbolt!  I will pass you onto Roy from BarracudaCals now to show you the good gear they have coming on sale.

Monday, February 6

AMS/Zotz new A-4C Skyhawk Conversion and decals strike!

AMS/Zotz 32056 A-4C Conversion set 
We have the latest images from AMS Resin and Zotz of their latest collaboration, a conversion for the Trumpeter A-4E or F kit to turn the model into an either US Navy or an Argentinian A-4C light fighter bomber. This set contains also a great set of decals which cover three US Navy birds and two Argentinian aircraft from the 1982 Falklands War.

Saturday, February 4

ICM Preview: build up shots of their Krupp L3H163 German Army Truck

ICM Holding has releases some more pictures of their Krupp L3H163 truck in 1/35th scale. So we thought it was time to show you now there are basic test shot built up pictures..
From the built up shots provided you can see this model has potential - a lot of gear could be added to this to make many different versions as well, and you could load it down with nearly anything to give it that beefier look - click on below to see more...

Review: Revell Kit No: 04670 - 1/72 Handley Page Halifax B Mk.I/II GR II

Revell have sent us a kit of their new tool 1/72 Halifax B Mk.I/II GR II and we have had a long and hard look at it – there has been lots of comment about this kit by all and sundry over the various forums – lets show you what we think in our review…

Friday, February 3

Cyberhobby Dive in with their latest New Tool Helldiver in 72nd

To add to their "WingTech Series" Cyberhobby have released details of the March release tooling of the famous terror of the Japanese fleet in WWII the  SB2C-4 Helldiver  in 1/72nd scale. 
This new kit promises many new features (too many to list in the preview) but things like the folding wings seperate drop in cockpit and delicate engine details impress straight away - lets dive in and check out what dragon have sent us...

Thursday, February 2

Eduard releases exact details, sprue shots and the price of their new 1/48th Emil..

The release info for the Eduard Bf 109E-1 in 1/48th scale has been releasedt - as we thought it follows its larger 1/32 scale cousin pretty closely, using the same markings but improving the plastic inside to enhance and re-design some of the critical areas which did receive some "attention". You can glean quite a bit from the instructions for the kit here...

Latest shots from IPMS Deutschland from the 2012 Nuremberg Toy festival

IPMS Deutschland
IPMS Germany has released the first lot of pictures of the 2012 Nuremberg Toy Festival that is being held this week - some very interesting news to be gleaned from the pictures - here is the link for the site - If you look carefully at the pictures you will see many new releases and surprises ready to delight us. It is nearly as interesting to see the background stuff as what is in the frame - Enjoy dissecting the shots!

Latest news in cars, superheroes and Beatles? From Round 2

Round 2  has some excellent news articles about the new car ranges from AMT and just what goes into developing them. They also have an interesting article about the work they did restoring and re-vamping the classic Hulk kit box art and the latest on their new pre-built kits of none other than the Beatles from the Yellow Submarine period - read on below for the news and then on to their site for the whole story..

Wednesday, February 1

Review - from Kagero Monographs - 3D Edition No 47 - Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe vol. II

PhotobucketFrom Kagero we have the newest tittle in their 3D series – Monographs 3D Edition No 47 - Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe vol. II in which the popular in depth Monograph series is added to with excellent 3D computer renders of the aircraft it is depicting. Is the 3D innovation helpful to modellers or a distraction – Is it good or a gimmick? Let’s look at it more and see. (Ohh – and no need to bring your glasses with this lot!)