Sunday, April 29

MiniArt maneuvers kits to "on sale"

MiniArt has release some news of a three new kits just on sale now with updates on some of their previously announced GAZ-MM,  ZiS-3 German Staff Car Type 170V vehicles with additions in pictures and shots that we will show you in our preview…

Saturday, April 28

BarracudaStudios latest products & blog from Roy Sutherland

Roy Sutherland from Barracuda Studios not only produces great resin and add-ons, but also excellent books and a decent blog (and a bit of radio as well)– we thought we would keep you in touch with what he is up to by letting Roy fill you in on his new products himself…

Friday, April 27

AK Interactive new products get an new wash - and some jewellery to go with it

AK interactive have shown their latest items for the coming month and there is a mixed bag of products to help you learn about, weather, age, and detail your model kits -  check out what they have available in our preview…

Thursday, April 26

Landscape Productions bring you Thunderbolts & Indians in this Preview

 "Landscape"Publications because of the orientation of their books? lets find out in this preview of their first title -  Profile Hanger No1. Which looks into the use of the American Indian artwork on WWI & II aircraft from all round the world as well as the P-47 Thunderbolts from the 19th FS over Saipan.

Wednesday, April 25

J's Work camo Masks for the IDF F-16 in 1/48th review

Ever had trouble painting camouflage on a model? What about a tank or even and aircraft? Well they started with Hetzer masks in 1/32 but now the latest in the line of new products from J's work is a masking set to transform your F-16 "Sufa” from the Israeli Airforce fighter into a precisely painted show stopper - lets look at three of them in the flesh right now…

Tuesday, April 24

Haynes Publishing’s North American P-51 Mustang Manual Review

 Usually pushed aside to the collector’s or historian’s niche – the newly revamped enthusiast’s guides by Haynes on popular modelling subjects like the Mustang, Tiger tank and Bf-109 have been a revelation for modellers.
  I have been using my Routemaster Manual to great effect on my build and find it the best “one stop” place for reference outside of course the internet. Is this book on the P-51 Mustang as good? Is it as useful as its shelf-mates to the modeller? Let’s have a look…

Monday, April 23

Revell 07651 1/24 London Bus Pt. IV – I see red - (repeatedly)

Part four of the award winning (if there were prizes handed out for procrastination I would win one) Revell Kit No: 07651 London Bus Build continues on it's route with this article. Read on below for the next steps i took towards double decker nirvana - or even Xanadu - whichever music genre you prefer really...

Monday, April 16

Review & construction Verlinden No:2706 1:35 USAAF WWII Refuelling Unit


Verlinden Productions have issued a bunch of new products that link in with the much requested 1/32 scale aircraft market – today we have built up the 2706 -1:32 USAAF WWII Refuelling Unit to look at – well see if the squeaky wheel gets the most oil or if it gets the kick…

Saturday, April 7

Review:Squadron/Signal Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer - Walkaround

  Finally a Hetzer walkaround that doesn't just show G.I's standing on top of a knocked out tank! We examine Squadron/Signal's new "walkaround" title in our review

Friday, April 6

New MXPression DVD "Adam Wilder - Authentic Metal" preview

After a lot of conjecture as to the nature of their the latest title (sorry guys) the people from MXPression have released a video preview of their newest in the series featuring the very talented Adam Wilder who recreates the metal look of real AFV's  from their plastic kit form  - click the link below to see the video preview...