Saturday, May 12

Mantis May figure preview - A Checkpoint for reptiles?

New this month from Polish figure maker Mantis miniatures are these modern Iraqi conflict figure and animal sets – Coalition troops from Iraq (and a man in a backpack) and some reptiles are on the loose in this preview where we show you the figures and some of the inspiration and background behind them…

Friday, May 11

Kingscale Models - 1/32 Catalina latest along with 1/18 engines & King Cobra pics

have sent us lots of new pictures of their extra large 1/32 Catalina that looks like it would be an amazing kit to be released soon .The inside ribbing and superstructure of the aircraft are looking very impressive - too bad you will have to seal it up - have a look in our extended previews of all of their stuff..

Thursday, May 10

Squadron 's new releases - a Kidd, a Tub for two & a Skyknight?

Squadron from the USA have some interesting new products out this month – two new books – one on the Fletcher class destroyer the USS Kidd in WWII and Korea as well as another of the excellent “In Action” series about the Korean-Vietnam War era F3D Skyknight. Also on the books is a resin replacement cockpit from True Details to replace the Roden parts in their T2 Trojan kit. Let’s have a look at all three in our preview

Wednesday, May 9

MasterBox 35105: 1/35th “Charlie on the Left” Review

MasterBox have released three kits this month – we have already built the kit number 3562 “West European Cart” – and we liked it very much – time to look at this Vietnam –era kit which has three G.I’s and two of the afore-mentioned “Victor Charlies” or Viet Cong -V.C’s. Read on to see the kit in better detail in this review

Tuesday, May 8

MiniArt take us to the mean-streets of war-torn Normandie

MiniArt have sent us a quick preview of the latest 1/35th scale diorama in their series with sprue shots and built up shots – if you need a D-day diorama base then the shots in this preview look like it is right up your – street.

Monday, May 7

The fifty-sixth (and currently the best) reason to buy MMIR is out now

 Military Miniatures in Review is an 80-page, full colour, perfect bound, bi-monthly magazine. Regular features include new product announcements, book reviews and figure reviews. This current issue of the magazine has some pretty interesting looking feature stories – have a look on our preview to see what’s new with this issue…

Sunday, May 6

1/35 Hetzer masks in two schemes from J's Work reviewed

J's work   have already come out with some great masking solutions with their masking set for the F-16 in Israeli service which we reviewed last week – now comes the time to have a look at the masks for the complicated camo for the Hetzer 38T tank which until recently has been a modeller’s nightmare to paint – let’s have a look to see if these ease the pain for us..

Friday, May 4

Zotz 1/32 B-25J Mitchell at War Pt. 1 decal sheet Reviewed and road-tested..

 Zotz’ have come to the rescue of all HK Models kit owners with some great new decals to colour up the new 1/32 B-25 kit. There are scant choices for this kit so far – and the fact we may not have gotten decals for this glass nose variant or even the kit itself) have made many modellers very happy – let’s see if the reward is as promising as the anticipation...

Thursday, May 3

MasterBox kit 3562: 1/35th West European Cart review

Newest of the three models from MasterBox this month is the kit number 3562 “West European Cart” – we thought - instead of just talking about it lets do a construction – but then we thought – lets paint it and weather it! – read on to see how we did it and what we thought…

Wednesday, May 2

Osprey Titles Released Early!

Want the latest OspreyPublishing titles and really don’t want to wait? Osprey has just PRE-RELEASED their newest books in eBook form so they are available even before the printed editions – Sam from Osprey lets you in on their little secret in our news item…