Sunday, June 10

Eduard Bf109E Royal class kit in 1/48th Part I: The special extras…

The guys at Eduard have scored a bit of a home run with their new 1/48th kit of the Bf-109E kit – it is full of great detail, accurate and is laden with many extras which add to the value and kudos of owning such a special edition kit of such a popular plane. There are heaps of reviews around all saying pretty much the same thing, so we thought that we would show you the kit built so you could get a much better perspective from someone who actually makes it!  First off we thought we would show you the instrument panel in 1/4th scale and then a look at the thermal mug the kit supplies as special extras – these are on show in this review

Saturday, June 9

Bronco show us SOME details of new releases - built and boxart

We have a bunch of new announcement shots from Bronco from the Far East – they have been really busy by the look of it and their latest additions are all World War II kits in 1/35. Bronco are keeping to their quality promise by the look of it as most of these – where we have shots of the plastic – look to be top notch kits in the making – let’s hope so! Read on for more…

Friday, June 8

Mr. black has some more reading material for us...

Mr.Black Productions
has released some excellent books on figure modelling that have harnessed some of the most talented modellers in the world doing what they do best – documenting the making of some amazing award winning figures - Scale Model Handbook 3, Figure Modelling 3 feature the painting skills of some of the best – ill hand over to Stelios to tell you more..

Thursday, June 7

Ultracast 54014: Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Battle of Britain 1940 in 1/32 (54mm) scale Review.

Ultracast form Canada has just released their new 1/32nd Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot, "Battle of Britain 1940" in 1/32 (54mm) scale onto the market -  we thought we would get one and show all of the ins and outs of this new Mike Good Sculpture

Wednesday, June 6

5 new products from Barracuda Studios that certainly aren't tired

Roy Sutherland at Barracuda Studios has great news of five new resin treaded wheel sets for your P-51 Mustang in 1/32 – these look exquisite from the pictures we have – I'll hand over to Roy and well show you the pics we have of them…

Monday, June 4

Fantastic plastic's june news pretty much shows us just that

Fantastic Plastic always have great new about new space, sci-fi and experimental aircraft in model kit form, the subjects are always interesting and out there – June’s products and news sounds just like they are just up that our "out there" street – let’s have a look…

Sunday, June 3

Fisher Model & Pattern News & New Products for June 2012

Fisher Model & Pattern are the makers of beautiful resin kits of beautiful aircraft – they pick their subjects pretty well and are usually the last word when it comes to the aircraft they make. Their excellent Skyray and Ryman Recruit aircraft are out soon along with a plethora of other aircraft add-ons that deserve a good look – so without further ado….

Saturday, June 2

Eduard 1/48th scale PSP Marsden Matting review

 “Gentlemen, we want you to build a good portable airport. It must be strong, light, simple, fool proof, safe and inexpensive. It must be so simple that it can be laid on any fairly level piece of land with a few days’ work. It must be so fool-proof that if some parts are lost, it will still be useful. It must be safe for any type of airplane, under any weather conditions. It must be so light that it can be transported swiftly and easily to any spot.” This was the edict given to the American steel manufacturers by the US Army Air Corps before the Second World War - well Eduard have risen to the challenge and made just what the army was after - in coloured plastic in 1/48th  scale - let’s have a look…

Friday, June 1

A2Zee Models news - new Sea Lynx conversions and decals in 1/48th scale

A2Zee have some great news for Sea Lynx fans in 1/48th scale in their latest newsletter – The “RotorCraft” section of their business sure is “Taking off” – We'll let him explain to you in our update…

Thursday, May 31

Avionix 1/32 A-4M SKYHAWK COCKPIT SET preview

Well Trumpeter have gone and released our fave Skyhawk or “Scooter” the A-4M model – yes the one with the camel hump on it’s back... But the cockpit detail is – well how do you put this – pretty basic for a kit worth 120odd $..Well Avionix have come up with a new cockpit and some pictures we thought we would show you how it looks in our  preview…