Friday, September 28

Fisher Models F4D-1 Skyray 1/32 is almost here

Fisher Model & Pattern from the USA have shown off more pictures of their resin 1/32 F4D-1 Skyray – one of the earlier fighters the at served with the US Navy, then the Marines in the fifties and early sixties. This early interceptor was a record breaker and well regarded interceptor until more capable ( but not anymore beautiful) fighters of the sixties took it's crown. Now we have pictures of the completed kit - due in the next month or so this is looking like a stunning kit to add to your stash - or your diplay shelf if you actually like to build models!

Thursday, September 27

"Bloomin 'ell its a ruddy 'Einkel" - in our "Walk Around" Series book review

Squadron/Signal Publications has sent us their latest book to read and show off to you – from the excellent and detail packed “Walk Around” series that modellers seem to love this book’s subject is on a very popular Luftwaffe aircraft – the He-111. We will take you through what we like and maybe didn’t like in our review.

Wednesday, September 26

Swedish subsonic spear – the Tarangus 1/48th Scale SAAB A32 Lansen A - Pt. III

The third part of this build from Eth and we get past the bare bones onto the main job of painting the kit and the true sleek lines of this aircraft are coming out -  check out this part of the kit to see what he has been up to with it..

Tuesday, September 25

Meng sends tiny (1/72 size) Daggers our way

I have long loved the angular shape of the Delta Dagger – the sleek lines and internal missile bays were just so cool and the sharp nose and sharper canopy just ooze 60’s sex appeal (if that can be attributed to a jet?) Now in 1/72 Meng show us their new kit that captures the lines of this cold war interceptor very well – let’s look at the Daggers they have made in our preview…

Friday, September 21

Cyberhobby/ Dragon set to release second 1/32 Bf-109E kit – the “E-3”

Great news for all Bf 109 fans (I have heard there are a few out there) that Cyberhobby are releasing their second kit of the “Emil” in 1/32 this September/November We have scant information right now but there are at least a few markings to look at and the information from Dragon themselves…

Pictures of the Sprues & constructed Panda Hobby's 2S6M "Tunguska" in 1/35th

Panda Hobby – the guys who brought us the excellent MRAP armoured vehicle in 35th late last year have shown us the completed fit of the detailed kit of the Russian AFV the 2S6M – the "Тунгуска” or Tunguska in English – it has the NATO name of  the SA-19 "Grison"

Wednesday, September 19

B-24 Liberator “In Action” by David Doyle in Review

Squadron/Signal Publications have some great new books out this month and last on some of the bigger and more popular subjects of WWII – the bombers – today there is a heavy from the USAAF and RAF that we look at – one of my favourite aircraft, the B-24 Liberator – “In Action”

Tuesday, September 18

On Display vol.2: StuG III from Canfora Publishing preview

We have been lucky enough to have seen a few books from Canfora Publishing already – their excellent AFV photo Album and the inspirational “Panther” books were a standard of book to be envied by others and a goal for modellers to aim for in their own work, Now Canfora has a new book on the StuG III and it looks every bit as good as it’s predecessors, let’s have a look at it in our preview…

Monday, September 17

Airframe Album No.1 - The Heinkel He 219 'Uhu' by Richard A. Franks in review

I will be getting lovely kit of the He 219 in the post soon, but gee I need a good – all-in –one reference for it. There are a few books around on the subject but I want – like many modellers – a lot of detail. This new and very well timed title from Valiant Wings Publishing hopes to fill the void and give us an all in one which leaves us full instead of wanting more – let’s look to see if it fulfils us…..

Sunday, September 16

Verlinden 2742 Luftwaffe Fuel Drum Trailer in 32nd scale Review

Verlinden has been listening to our pleas it seems -  For a long time the larger scale aircraft guys have been looking for some airfield accessories in 1/32 scale, and now modern day and WWI stuff is popping up in their product list. We have a look and build one of the latest and undoubtedly one of the most popular add-ons just released by V.P.