Thursday, January 31

New year and three new releases from Alpine Miniatures.

Well only two figure but three different ways to get them.. Just released on the Alpine Website are these two new SS Grenadiers in 35th scale – sold singly or as a pair we thought we would look a little closer at them in our preview…

Wednesday, January 30

1/35 Panzer VII Löwe from Amusing Hobby - PtI review and building the kit

Amusing Hobby - a modelling company that not many people are familiar with but most are curious about – myself included. I was intrigued by their excellent choices of off-beat German armour – and when their Panzer VII Löwe came out I really wanted not only to get it but to build it. So I thought I would share that with you…

Tuesday, January 29

Barracudas big wheels keep on turnin’

I think it is great the Roy from Barracuda Studios likes the P-47 thunderbolt – as it is my favourite kite – now Roy brings news he has mastered three new sets of wheels for this beast in 1/32nd scale – and in what he says are the finest details ever produced for this aircraft - happy days are here again !

Monday, January 28

Sticky situation? MIG productions have the new solution..

Finishing products, my my my...
Most modellers have their kits pretty much together – there is however a bit of a gap between those in the know and those not when it comes to adding realistic scenery to your soon to be Vignette – Sometimes it is as easy as getting an aftermarket solution to transform your scene.
Enter MIG Productions with their new set "MUD"… ohh and need a decent decal setting solution? read on...

We "heart" Andrea Miniatures new February figures…

Latest in the line from Andrea Miniatures’ figures is a single buccaneer and a good excuse to get modelling on valentine’s day !

Sunday, January 27

Get on your 3D bikes and Ride!

Kagero continue with their latest in their series of revamped books with Photo-sniper no:6 – this book is on the BMW motorbike – with the focus being on the iconic R 75 – often with a sidecar this bike has become something of a must have in the modelling world – can this edition with the 3d graphics enhancements help a modeller? Let’s find out..

Saturday, January 26

Sang Eon Lee's Waffen SS Infantryman Ardennes comes to "Life"

Sang Eon Lee
has a new figure in his series of busts in the Life Miniatures range of figure busts – this figure of a German SS soldier in World War II captured in December of 1944 in the Ardennes forest . we will look at him and put him together in detail in our review..

Friday, January 25

Velinden’s New January releases + 20% off + Anyone seen my GIANT LATHE around here?

This month Verlinden gives you some BIG tools to make your new project, a very cranky man to come from the sky and boss people around, something to keep the air in your jet’s tires and who knew that Sherman’s had a bed attached to them?

Thursday, January 24

Thought you had your model tank looking as good as you could get it? enter Rinaldi Studio Press with "TANKART I"

Just when you thought there were enough quality publications about modelling in the marketplace already – something new – a different angle emerges - Rinaldi Studio Press have just released their first publication – the first of a series of dedicated books which deal with a genre of modelling projects each – the first title goes straight for the heart of most modellers – “TANKART I” is all about modelling German armour. Read on to see all that is and all that is coming from RSP…

Tuesday, January 22

We see the monster from MENG arise....

MENG has sent snaps of their features of their latest monster mine sweeping MBT from Israel – the Merkava Mk.3 BAZ – as well as shots of the model completed – niiiiicccee…