Tuesday, February 12

Kagero's Latest Panther "Topcolors" book reviewed and decals tested

Kagero  have  a high output every moth of new publications – this month’s titles are all looking like great subjects – and especially a book on Panthers – this one called  “Pz.Kpfw. V Panther In Attack & Defence” (with decals included in 3 scales for 16 tanks) - what could go wrong? Well let’s read the book and test the decals to see if something did…or didn’t…..

Monday, February 11

"I want some more" Miniaturas Fortes brings us the sinister Bill Sykes as this month's release...

It seems that Diego Fortes never leaves his modelling bench - in something fresh this month he brings us Miniaturas Fortes' latest figure - one that fans of the classic novel "Oliver Twist" will know very well - ladies and gents we give you - Bill Sikes...

Sunday, February 10

More news from Model Factory Hero & their "Ultimate" Tiger

More news about the ultimate Tiger from Model Factory Hero – this time we have colour schemes, the hull and running gear constructed and even a video of it all running over (not very) challenging obstacles. Impressive though I will grant you, and worth a look!

Friday, February 8

Fitting the Flanker - Eth's build of the 1/48th Eduard Su-27 Pt.II

Ethelian continues his build of the Su-27 at apace - This is a daunting kit with all of the excellent aftermartket details but Eth is making it look easy and showing us how he did it - In this part he completes the build of the  kit's construction and begins to weather and paint this complicated camo on the Flanker. It is sure looking goood......

Thursday, February 7

Coming soon from Life miniatures..

Never Surrender!
Keep an eye on the Life Miniatures page for more news as it surfaces...

Wednesday, February 6

We review the very large 1/35th scale Büssing-NAG L4500S 4x2 Cargo truck from AFV Club - ohh and we build it too - PTI.

AFV Club – known for a high level of precision in their builds and great accuracy – well we thought we would put that theory to the test when we review and then build their heavy softskin, the Büssing-NAG L4500S 4x2 Cargo truck in 1/35th scale

Tuesday, February 5

Live resin come out shootin' with their new big guns

Live Resin are making some amazing miniatures of especially modern soldiers and weapons – now they have taken the cake and made a true 1/16, 1/6, and 1/3 replica model of a real HK416!

Monday, February 4

Review - “German Army Grenadier 1944-45” from Landser Books

There are lots of books on the German soldier of WWII and what he wore and the equipment and weapons he carried – we think we have found a special one in this book though – “German Army Grenadier 1944-45” from Landser Books – read on in our review to find out why….

Sunday, February 3

Because a hungry wolf has to eat – The new book on supplying the Grey Wolves surfaces..

Anyone familiar with the books of Axel Urbanke will know the quality of the books from his Luftfahrtverlag-Start knows the quality of the research, the photographic content and of the books themselves. This new epic on the subs that fed the U-boat fleet is the subject of today’s preview.

Saturday, February 2

Meng makes the earth move to "pick-up" a trio of new releases from the Toy Fair..

MENG Models really are making modes aren’t they? Faster than most of us complete kits they are churning out more for your modelling queue. Now with the latest of their releases from the Toyfair at Nuremburg and some award winners we have some info for you..