Saturday, March 9

Review - Monographs Special Edition 1 - Messerschmitt Bf 109 F. - The Ace Maker

Kagero have made a good choice for the launch book in their new “Monographs Special Edition series” – the Bf-109F fighter – a very popular aircraft that saw some of the decisive fighting of WWII. We have the book and have read it and well telly you what we thought

Thursday, March 7

Alpine Miniatures 35153 WSS Grenadier Set in 1/35 review

 Just released on the Alpine Website is this set of two SS Grenadiers in 35th scale – sold singly or as a pair we thought we would look a little closer at them in our review as well as putting them together…

Kagero bring more books, more decals and super drawings this month

Is it March already? It surely is because we have a bunch of pictures and information from Kagero about their latest March releases...

Not only does the Bf 109 and the Fw190 get a run but also the ”Units” book this month captures the JG 51 ”Mölders” unit – all of these titles include decals in the three main aircraft scales - We also see new books on the Admiral Graf Spee and the battleship Bismark!!

Wednesday, March 6

Preview - Airframe & Miniature No.5: The Messerschmitt Bf 109 from Valiant Wings Publishing’s

The next title from
Valiant Wings Publishing is.....The Messerschmitt Bf 109 (early versions V1 to E-9 including T-series). Due out in April – we have some info for you…

Tuesday, March 5

Dragon bring something different to the table this month...

We don't often see these – figure sets that are of a “less popular” nature than German troop sets – Dragon bring us some early soviet troops along with some interesting Japanese soldiers from Guadalcanal – we have some of the release info for you if you like to go the route less travelled…

Monday, March 4

Vision Models slap on some skis to their BA-64!

Just when you thought that it had all been done the prototypes keep coming – This time from Vision Models….

Sunday, March 3

Life Miniatures are going past the addage - Now it seemsThree heads are definitely better than one!

Sometimes companies just outdo themselves and surprise us all – this time the much admired figure makers Life Miniatures has literally gone one better than previous efforts and not just releases an amazing bust of Winston Churchill -but they have given him THREE (yes 3) different head options! – Let’s have a look in our preview...

Saturday, March 2

AK Interactive’s new primer for the first layer, then a new colour set – and then a jumper for the top layer....

AK Interactive has added some primers to their new paint range this March – Starting with just the two there are several more shades to come. Combined with a spectrum of paints to colour your modern desert vehicles this will interest more than a few modellers…

Friday, March 1

Tiger Productions have some great new bases to build your scenes on

Tiger Productions Diorama Products are a product of merging some smaller concerns into one heck of a diorama company that have a lot of neat ideas to put in front of your modelling desk  - We thought we would show you some of them in our preview..

New Sepecat Jaguar in 1/48th from Kittyhawk -Boxart of the new GR.1/3 kit soon to land with a few shots of the cover aircraft as well

More pictures of the Jaguar from KittyHawk in 1/48th scale - this time new boxart of the GR.1 /GR.3 versions of the British RAF - this will surely be popular in "Blighty" especially...