Wednesday, May 8

Sang Eon's Stalingrad 6th Army soldier bust preview...

Sang Eon Lee has a new bust in 1/10th scale for release thru his company Life Miniatures. This time we are going German and WWII – to be precise the 6th army in Stalingrad….

Tuesday, May 7

Barracuda Studios want to dress up the Cowl of your Owl.... and new heels on your wheels

Barracuda Studios – Proud purveyor of some fine resin, decals and books for the modeller – well they have hit a bit of a rich vein recently, with their ME 262 wheels and P-47 gear, their spitfire add-ons, they are certainly giving modellers what they want. Their latest sets are the new Diamond tread wheels and Open cowls for the Revell and ZM kits of the Heinkel He-219. They look well worth the adding on!

Dragon bring a new take on the "B" model Patton...

The M48 “B” modification was used extensively in the Vietnam conflict extensively as the main battle tank for the Us Marine Corps and US Army - and Dragon has their latest kit of this very type in their sights as their latest kit announcement…

Monday, May 6

Review & construction: The creature from the Black Lagoon (and his lady friend) in 1/8th scale from Moebius Models

Moebius Models have brought out their second kit the Classic universal Movie monster The Creature from the Black Lagoon. This figure brings not only a lady friend but sits on a base to suit as well – we look at the  kit and put it together to see if it is indeed a monster or maybe just a little nipper….

Saturday, May 4

Review: Eduard Brassin MiG-23 M/MF wheels 1/48

DO you have the Trumpeter MiG-23 in 48th scale and maybe looking for some new wheel and Wheel well replacements? Well Eduard have a new Brassin set that our man Gary has gotten a hold of which look like pretty tempting alternatives – he has compared them to the Trumpeter kit wheels in his review…

Andrea Press takes a very detailed look at the artefacts of the Luftwaffe in their latest opus..

Following in the footsteps of their amazing title on the artefacts of the SS we looked at earlier  Andrea Press have a new book to tempt historians – uniform freaks and ohh – yes anyone interested in the Luftwaffe! We have some info for you along with some sample pages in our preview…

Friday, May 3

How’s your Japanese? Tamiya will need you to learn fast!

Tamiya have just released a little bit of a preview discussion about their latest bunch of kits – what took our notice was the preview info about the new 1/32 scale F4-U “birdcage” Corsair…(having fluent Japanese is a bonus here)

Review: Peko Publishing T-34 on the Battlefield - World War Two Photobook Series Vol.I

Having read the latest book from PEKO Publishing on the StuG III last month we really wanted to see more from this new publisher – so we grabbed their first book on the most produced and maybe a little mythical tank – called “T-34 on the Battlefield” you can guess what the book is all about – we read it and this is what we thought..

Thursday, May 2

Review: Eclipse Model Design's 1/32 Me 163B Komet SG 500 'Jagdfaust' conversion

Eclipse model designs
has added a brand new reason to dig your old 1/32 scale Me-163 Komet out of the stash – you can make it unique by adding their latest resin conversion set – the Jagdfaust 500 rocket pods -  look out 8th air-force!

Wednesday, May 1

Review: Eduard 1/48th Fw 190D-9 Weekend Edition

Eduard have pretty much exhausted the lines of their FW-190 boxings, having captured nearly every one of the variants of this purposeful fighter - but now just in case you liked to know what was in all of the Wurger boxings well our man Gary Wickham has reviewed their latest Fw-190D weekend kit in 48th scale...