Saturday, June 15

Aviaeology's latest spitfires make for some great reading and even better decals...

It has been long - FAR too long since we have seen anything in print or in the flesh from the excellent purveyors of book and decals Aviaeology. Just today we got new of their new decal sets on Canadian Recce Spits fires - there is some really interesting stuff here in their newsletter so i thought we could share it with you ...

Friday, June 14

Review – Painting Pin-Up figures by Julio Cabos

Andrea Miniatures produce a large range of Attractive pin-up figures in small scale – they are great sellers but with all of the flesh, makeup , hair and eyes to paint  what chance do the rest of us have when we tend to paint everything grey and green and usually male? Well none other than the master - Julio Cabos - has penned a book to show you just how to finish your pin up as pretty as a picture…

Tuesday, June 11

Furious Five - no not the rubbish movie with Vin Diesel - 5 of Kagero's cracking June releases..

Kagero has sent the latest spiel showing off their new books set to keep your bank accounts ticking over – the wrong way – this month. From thunderbolts over Asia, to Mitchells in the Med to Japanese battleships and the Dreadnaught – they seem to have it all covered in these releases…

Monday, June 10

Review: Using Vallejo washes to add more colour as we roll out the barrels…

We got these new Vallejo washes in the post and we thought that not many people know of them let alone used them in battle on their workbench yet – what better way to see what they are like than to use them on some unsuspecting bits of plastic??

Sunday, June 9

More on the latest four from Bronco

Bronco Models have added to their forthcoming model list with these four new releases, a new Topolono, a French version of the Chaffee, a Hungarian tank killer and an almost new Valentine to round out things – let’s have a look at what we know so far.

Friday, June 7

How could we not show this off? Tamiya’s official new product details of their ”Birdcage” Corsair in 32nd scale…

More detail on one of the most anticipated kits of the year to add to the show pictures and the CAD drawings we have already shown you – this time the official announcement with pictures of the built up kit from Tamiya – please do enjoy…

Thursday, June 6

Want Verlinden’s latest June items at a good discount? – read on..

Verlinden have released only three items this month – but gee they are quality over quantity!  A large scale Chindit, a crew and everything you need to fire a Nebelwerfer and the Battle of Berlin can commence now we have a Panther to dig in as a bunker - and for a short while there are some great discounts on them as well.

Wednesday, June 5

Diego Fortes unleashes his Blitzkrieg on us..

Miniaturas Fortes has finished their latest 1/24th scale limited edition figure – simply titled “Blitzkrieg” it is a lovely recreation of a young fresh faced officer in the service of the German army in 1939 – we will be reviewing it when it arrives but until then we have a nice few pictures in our preview for you….

Tuesday, June 4

We review Valiant Wings new book - The Messerschmitt Bf 109 Early Series

The new Airframe and Miniature series book on the Bf 109 is branded as a one stop shop for modellers on one of the best-selling kits in history of kit making – how could it not sell? The answer is of course it will sell very well – but is it any good? This is what we will investigate today…

Monday, June 3

We review the new Kagero “Topdrawings” book on the Bismarck.

Kagero have given us plenty of their “Topdrawings” series on aircraft and a few tanks – but now the ship guys get a break with a book of line drawings and a rather large surprise with this – a title on probably the most famous battleship ever – the Bismarck.