Thursday, August 8

Preview: Crunchy or smooth? Barracuda want to know how do you like your Tempest wheels?

No this is isn’t a peanut butter question – Roy from Barracuda Studios has brought out some new resin wheels for the latest 1/32 Tempest kits ( make that ANY Tempest in that scale) – he has given us some information and comparison images that pretty much put the older kit parts in the shade….

In Review: Peko Publishing Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield - World War Two Photobook Series Vol.IIII

Having read the latest book from PEKO Publishing on the StuG III l and the T-34 in the last few months, we were eagerly anticipating the next volumes from  this new publisher – and this one has promise – the first in a two part series of early German tanks in combat, called “Panzerwaffe on the Battlefield” – Let’s have a look…

Wednesday, August 7

.....Blown away by Verlinden's three new releases.. they have all the resin you can shoot this month

This month Verlinden releases three sets of resin accessories for your diorama battlefield – in these three sets we get to see the cause as well as the end result – read on to see what we are talking about – we have pictures of the parts and some words on what comes inside the boxes

Tuesday, August 6

From the sea comes a bad-ass bunch of Soviet sailors from Miniart and some extra weapons - just in case...

Often feared by the Germans and just as often thrown together from whomever was around to be pushed into action at the time – Soviet Naval troops none the lees served valiantly for Mother Russia during WWII. Now MiniArt – not adverse to replicating Soviet troops has released a set of good looking troops in 35th scale as well as a separate set of weapons to go along with these troops…

Monday, August 5

Built up pictures of Panda Hobby's new Object 279 in detail..

We have some interesting shots of Panda Hobby's new Object 279 built up we thought you would like to see in today's preview - it seems the race is on between the three companies making this and Panda have a great head start here with the test kit almost ready to go..

Oliver Publishing Group - Making a good case for a new book

Oliver Publishing Group
has sent us some new images of their forthcoming book on the early attacks by Hitler's panzers in the west – “Case Yellow: German Armour In The Invasion Of France, 1940” pretty much sums up what the book is about – we have some preview pages and images as well..

Sunday, August 4

AFV club’s Churchill III is on a summer holiday

AFV Club has just released some details on their new Churchill III from the Dieppe raid – though not much on paper the pictures of the built up tank from AFV are worth at least 999 words…(and try to forget that that Stuka looks like he is in support of the Mk.III)

Saturday, August 3

Stand to attention for the latest Model Military in review… along with their other new editions they have been very busy little boys...

Ampersand publishing has no at all been idle recently – their latest Allied/Axis and their  special editions of the German themed Axis/Axis books on the way out – they have paused to finish off their excellent magazine Military Miniatures in Review – we have the preview pages of No 58 for you today…

Friday, August 2

From land sea and air come Revell’s releases for this month

Revell of Germany has three interesting new kits this month – a 48th scale swift boat, a tracked “Flammenwerfer” in 72nd and the old favourite a - Sea Hurricane in 72nd scale – something for everyone? Let’s have a look see….

Thursday, August 1

"Why do you always make Germans?" Au contraire! - Four new US figure sets this month from Alpine Miniatures

Alpine Miniatures have four new products this month – two figures of Vietnam tankers in 35th scale in single and as a pair – as well as a large 16th scale US NCO from the Second World War Something different that a few people might have been waiting for – let’s have a closer look at them in our preview…