Sunday, September 1

Never has being an old fat dude on a motorcycle (It’s a chopper baby) looked so appealing…

Andrea Miniatures has sent news of their latest figure as well as a video of the kit being painted – and it is a beauty!

Friday, August 30

Meng add their high speed “Hornisse” in 48th scale to their line-up

Not satisfied with just a cannon bird Me 410 in their 1/48th line-up, Meng have added the high speed bomber interceptor to their catalogue – we don't have a lot of information as  of yet but thought this was important for the Luftwaffe guys

Review: Kagero’s MINITOPCOLORS 36 - Pz.Kpfw. III family book & decals combo

The opportunity to buy a decal sheet printed by Cartograf with sixteen different schemes from various vehicles from the Panzer III family in not only 72nd, 48th and 35th scales – for €14.10 – and throw a 16 page booklet with profiles in as well….let’s see if the exorbitant price is worth it! :-)

Wednesday, August 28

Where’s the fire? Miniart want in with their fire truck as well

MiniArt have put in their bid to make their own fire service – after ICM has given us their simple but easy to build L1500S Mercedes German fire truck earlier this year now  MiniArt have stoked the fires with their all (fire)bells & and whistles version in development – we have some of their plans and CAD images in our report.

Tuesday, August 27

Review - Ampersand Publishing's massive book “Son Of Sherman Volume 1"

Ampersand Publishing always put out publications that are detailed and full of great pics but also pretty good in value – but they have taken looking at a subject to the next level with their latest publication - “SON OF SHERMAN VOLUME 1: The Sherman, Design and Development” This book covers the Sherman from beginning to the end and leaves nothing to the imagination – let’s have a closer look at this tome of knowledge in our review…

Saturday, August 24

Zotz drop bombs with their new B-17 decals in 32nd and 72nd..

The B-17 – a preeetty popular aircraft for aviation and WWII modellers you might agree for a decal sheet – no matter how many there are in the market already there really aren’t that sheets out so far in 32nd scale on the market. To celebrate the release of HK Models large scale B-17, Zotz has just released a sheet with five different fortresses on it – and you guys that model in 72nd are not left out either – as there is the same sheet for you in your scale as well. We have the preview and some of the shots from the original aircraft to compare them to as well…

Friday, August 23

The latest release from Meng – the 1:32 scale Me-163B Komet!

After false starts from Dragon and your old Hasegawa kit that needs updating – well MENG have beaten them all to the punch with this rocket powered Jet fighter – it will be popular no doubt...

Thursday, August 22

No time to rest Miniart - there’s allied soldiers to capture!

Miniart has just released images of the contents of two of the latest of their ever improving figure sets. One with five Soviet soldiers having a well-earned rest whilst in the Ardennes the Germans have captured three GI’s! Read on for the good “Gen” on these figure sets.

Wednesday, August 21

KittyHawk Models new F.1 put to an impressive test....

Even though this is the test shot in subject here from Kittyhawk Models  you can see the potential of their new single seat  Mirage F.1C in 48th scale – lots of shots of the built up model leave us wanting to see if it can improve still further before release…

In review: Airframe Album No.3: The CAC Boomerang by Richard A. Franks - Valiant wings Publishing

An aircraft from my native country I didn’t know that much about before I read this book – the Australian built The CAC Boomerang - is the subject of Valiant Wings Publication’s new title – and gee are we glad we picked it up…..