Thursday, October 10

Fancy a longer Schwimm? Then try out this new AFV Club VW - We review & build their Type 128

AFV Club of Taiwan has produced a new “Schwimmwagen” in injection moulded plastic – but not the one you might think. This is the earlier and longer type 128 that has it’s fair share of fans out there. Let’s build and paint it up to see how it all goes together….

Wednesday, October 9

We review: MiniArt's 1/35th scale Hungarian Tank Crew..

We have not seen much in the way of Hungarian combatants during WWII – I mean compared with the other Axis powers' representation in model kits you would think they weren’t there. Hungarians however served a large part in the conflict and so MiniArt have produced these new tankers to match the new kits from Bronco made specifically it seems for them – or the other way around – not too sure – but let’s have a look at them and build them up for you to see their true worth.

Tuesday, October 8

Dinner - fixing engines or sniping on a large scale – Verlinden leaves it up to you to decide from their three releases what you want to do this month…

Verlinden have stuck to what they know best this month – three solid releases – two accessories and figure sets on 35th scale and a large well sculpted figure in 1/16th resin. Let’s look at them in brief before their release this month..

Sunday, October 6

Kittyhawk makes the T2/T4 Jaguar for those who like room for two

Like a two seater Jag? The four wheeled version not available? Well Kittyhawk is making the two seat trainer Jaguar in 48th to add to their stable of single seaters - no more info than this yet but as soon as we get it you will see it..

"My Naked Ass" in three different decal scales AND in print? - It could only be the review of Kagero's SMI LIBRARY 06 B-25J "Mitchell" in Combat over Europe (MTO) & decal combo

Kagero Publications has a nifty little series in their stock called the “SMI Library” This series covers one aircraft in detail with several profiles and colour pictures and most importantly decals for three scales for the aircraft featured in the book. We have looked at a few in this series but this book is a little different – Is the change good or bad? Read our review to find out..

Saturday, October 5

Hasegawa releases – 2013

There has been so much on recently we almost forgot to keep you up to date with Hasegawa’s new kits – well December from them looks like a great Christmas!

Friday, October 4

Hunting a different kind of prey- we review AFV Club’s “Hunting – German tank crew” in 35th scale

AFV club is well known producer of some pretty nice kits – but what about figures? Well we picked up their latest – a crew of Panzer men and their dogs “Haring” about – what are they like? Well we build them up to have a look in our review

Thursday, October 3

Alpine Miniatures and Panzermeyer – surely a good combination? Along with their other 6 October releases - The answer is yes!

Just when you thought it was all quiet on the western front Alpine Miniatures comes up with two excellent new figures and they stick their heads over the parapet with several extra faces for your diorama…

Wednesday, October 2

Review: Revell 1/48 Dassault Rafale M & Bomb Rack

If there is a modern jet that is good looking with some of it's own unique charm well the french designed and built Rafale is the one we would choose - sleek lines and a pretty capable machine has proved itself recently in conflicts around the globe - and now the Revell kit in 48th scale is up for evaluation by our man Gary (who has built the earlier kit in the series so is no stranger to the kit) in today's review.

Tuesday, October 1

Lookout guys a cougar! - ohh no she isn't someone's mum out on a Saturday night..

Hey cats! a quick teaser from KittyHawk Models - a new TF-9J Cougar in 48th scale is on the way - just at prototype stages now - and several parts are being re-jigged - but as  soon as there is more well let you know...