Sunday, November 10

Review: Kagero miniTOPCOLORS 38 - Fw 190s over Europe Part II

In part Two of their latest "miniTopcolor" series of the Fw-190 Kagero have sought to top their first volume in content and decals - we have read it and looked at the decals on offer - what verdict? Wellto see what we think read on to our review...

Saturday, November 9

Preview: Life Miniature's Kharkov 1943 - It's finished and we are amazed...

Sang Eon Lee has sent pictures of his latest master work in process – he is now finished painting the new Life Miniatures bust, the 1/10th scale German Machine gunner assistant in Kharkov in 1943.

A BIG Meteor is just about to hit…

HK Models new and soon to explode onto modelling benches everywhere is the Gloster Meteor Mk.IV in 1/32nd scale, and we have some detailed shots of the built up test kit…

Friday, November 8

Master Model previews their latest (and probably their greatest) sets of barrels and pitot’s before SMW 2013

Scale Model World 2013 – In the round-about-laden town of Telford in England is the scene of the World premiere launch of the new Master Barrel sets to turn your guns on your aircraft and ships into truly show stoppers. We have some of the images of these new sets you could well pick up if you go to the show.

Thursday, November 7

Barracuda Studios special Telford Scale Modelworld 2013 releases

Yes brace yourselves our fellow modellers – for Barracuda Studios are heading east – to the climes of Engerland – and the Telford Scale Model Show – and they have many a new product to tempt ye.….

New bulit up test shots of the Italeri F-104G/S "Missile with a man in it" in 32nd scale

Those of you who can remember making the 1/32nd scale F-104 Starfighter G/S as a younger one can recall the fact that it looked great when you  were a few feet away  hopefully this new tool kit from Italeri will be a step up in all aspects and hopefully do this great aircraft justice. Now we add built up test shots to the sprue shots & decal layouts we have already in our rolling preview.

Wednesday, November 6

that's Riich - and Bronco in a six pounder shoot-out…

….And hopefully the customer is the winner here. Both Bronco and Riich Models have released details of new six pounders in British service for your 35th scale diorama

Tuesday, November 5

Meng get us stocked up for the festive season...

Meng Model bring us something to throw in the back of our Toyota pickups, Their latest in the “Supplies” products range – the 1/35 scale SPS-014 Equipment for Modern U.S. Military Vehicles.

Monday, November 4

Our favourite figure set in injection plastic this year…Masterbox's “Soviet Marines, Attack!" Pt 3

MasterBox has got a great name for themselves with their dynamic posing of figures and emotion in the scenes they depict - and these storming Soviet marines in adjustable poses will no doubt deepen a lot of people’s affection for this Ukrainian model producer. We put them together for you to see how good a solid set of figures in injected plastic can be these days..

Sunday, November 3

A lot more than the nuts and bolts of the Marder exposed in no 31 of the series..

The Nuts & Bolts series has sent the latest details of their new opus showing us...well the nuts and bolts of the Marder tank hunter. Packed with period pictures, drawings, and even models of this tank we think this will be your one stop shop for this vehicle. Lets have a look at what is coming in our preview….