Tuesday, December 17

The cruel lady – MENG’s new Achzarit in a built up preview

..based on the Soviet-built T-54/T-55 tanks captured from Arab armies during the Arab-Israeli wars. The IDF’s Achzarit APC is their latest kit in the works. Researched in conjunction with the people from Desert Eagle this looks like it will be an accurate and well-designed kit.

Monday, December 16

Kagero’s “Units” series 6- JG 26 Jagdeschwader "Schlagater" & decal review..

The unit that bore the honour title “Schlageter” – JG 26 - had some very famous names amongst it’s roll call of pilots– Adolf Galland, Josef Priller and Johannes Steinhoff amongst them – but how about adding some history, decals and 41 period pictures in the space of  28 pages in one book? Let’s see if the mix works or not…

Sunday, December 15

Pegaso’s new December figures - two dandy's and a brawler to tempt you..

This December we are further tempted to buy ourselves a cheeky Christmas present to yourself by Pegaso as they have three excellent new sculpts on offer!

Saturday, December 14

Mr Black’s ninth sees the light of day

Just released is Stelios Demiras’ latest in the Scale Model Handbook – this- his ninth in the series features some very skilled painters and sculptors at work and looks as much of a guide as an inspiration. We have some preview details and images inside…

Welcome to the Kasbah!

In what looks like one of MiniArt’s most complete and detailed diorama setting yet they take us to the Middle east with this set. I wonder who is through the keyhole….

Friday, December 13

Preview: Meng’s new 1/35th scale French Super Heavy Tank Char 2c built up

MENG has sent pictures of their latest heavy land battle ship on tracks - the massive French Char 2c. IT has been finished by MENG’s modellers and we thought it only proper to show you what’s coming your way (Geez it’s big!)

Thursday, December 12

Life Miniatures 1/10th scale bust - "MG42 Tripod Carrier, Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943" in review and construction

We have the latest and most complicated work from Life Miniatures bust range in 1/10th scale  - Sang Eon Lee has tried to capture 1/10th scale bust - "MG42 Tripod Carrier, Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943" in review and construction. Let’s see if he was shooting straight.

Wednesday, December 11

Valiant Wings Publishing’s Airframe & Miniature No.6: The North American P-51 Early Mustang - In review

The sixth title in the Airframe Album series from Valiant Wings publishing features the very popular P-51 Mustang as it’s muse. Bu this isn’t any mustang – in fact it’s the lesser known mustangs that take centre stage of this new book. The earlier A thru C models and the even earlier A-36 get the Comprehensive treatment. Let’s see how it matches up…

Monday, December 9

To the Last Bullet: Germany's War on 3 Fronts Part II Italy in Review:

Oliver Publishing Group has released some great books – is this new title – “To the last Bullet” Germany's war on three fronts Part II - Italy" amongst their best? Well we read it today and thought it only nice to share our thoughts in today’s review

Sunday, December 8

Alpine Miniatures 35165 Kurt Meyer & Officer Set review

Alpine Miniatures has set a hard task for themselves in replicating one of the more famous SS men of WWII and his companion in their latest figures set – we look at them both and put them together to see if this sculpt is cut from the right cloth or an impostor to the cause…