Saturday, January 11

Zotz Decal’s 1/48th scale French Jaguar As in Kosovo decal Preview

Eli from Zotz has been nice enough to send us heaps of pictures of the real aircraft along with the very nice looking decal sheet profiles he has made for his new and extensive sheet covering the French Jaguar AS in the Kosovo conflict. If you like the Jag then this1/48th decal sheet is for you

Friday, January 10

“Welcome to the Jungle – we got captured game” – and other stories from Masterbox

Masterbox have two new kits coming out in this coming month of January. – one of them is set in the steamy jungles of Indo-china – the other – on the eastern front during WWII. They look pretty good from the box artwork – but what can we expect inside the box? Well let’s have a look in our preview…

Thursday, January 9

HobbyBoss have a forecast of heavy armour with a touch of lightning for January

It seems armoured warfare is in Hobbyboss’ future in the month of January (with  little bit of lightning forecast as well) as we go through their latest new releases for the new year in today’s news…

Wednesday, January 8

Build review - Takom’s new St. Charmond heavy assault tank in 1/35th..

After their earlier releases Takom have gone for  a large scale (1/16th) FT tank, a 1/35th scale Object 279 experimental Russian tank and so in keeping with their business plan they have stuck to what they know – a random kitting of the first world war 1/35th St Charmond tank…
….So in keeping with our own traditions we thought we would build it up to show you what this otherwise unknown kit is like in our review

Tuesday, January 7

The war for modeler's hearts goes on in Japan - where these lady pilots fight on...

Aurora from Japan sent some pictures of some lovely “What If” pictures last month of lady panzer crew – and this month the Axis push continues with more (scale) women in uniform..

Monday, January 6

Build review: MiniArt 35109 Soviet Soldiers At Rest

MiniArt are vamping up their figure range – new figures include extra weapons and equipment with more detailed instructions and painting guides – it all spells for a better experience for modellers – but is it merely window-dressing? Let’s have a look when we build MiniArt’s 1/35th scale 35109 Soviet Soldiers at Rest kit.

Sunday, January 5

the last pre-release sprue shots of the KH32001 T-6 "Texan" in 32nd scale from KittyHawk

Just on the eve of release we have the final sprue shots of the large scale T-6 Texan from KittyHawk - it looks like it is nearly ready to jump on the the shelves. Both internal cockpit and all external details are here along with weapons and internal bays and decals in today's edition of the rolling preview..

Review & Workbench test: Scale Model Scenery Aircraft Display Bases

Desperate for a display? Stumped for some scenery? Well Justin just Scale Model Scenery has just sent us a few of his latest creations for Gary to use under some of his models – He takes us through the simple steps of creating your own inexpensive but very nice looking bases in today’s workshop..

Friday, January 3

Review: Alpine Miniatures 1/35th scale 35168 WSS Infantry Set (2 Figures)

Alpine Miniatures – The market leader and a company at the very forefront of high quality and innovation in miniatures in 35th and 16th scale figures - has just had their 10th anniversary. They have gone straight to the fans with this one – two elite SS men running for the front in a very dynamic set of poses. Let’s see how Alpine is growing with their latest set of figures…

Thursday, January 2

Review: KittyHawk Models 1/48th scale SA.365F/AS.565SA Dauphin II

The nasalized version of the Dauphin II is one of the most successful Eurocopter helicopters of the moment – It has sold to several countries and it makes a good subject for model makers KittyHawk who have taken up the mantle and they have a new tool kit packed with fine detail and photo etch…Well that’s what the website promises. We will have a look at it in today’s review to see what we think.