Monday, February 24

Review - This ol' Fachwerkhaus from Verlinden (ruined) in 1/35th scale

Need a vignette of a street corner in Germany during WWII? Destroyed rubble and wooden frame house? Enough pavement to house a few figures and blown up and destroyed looking to boot? Well Verlinden might have just the thing for you this month – we review their new “Ruined Fachwerkhaus” dio in today’s news..

Sunday, February 23

Review: Diego Fortes' new figure of the Midshipman comes out of the box ready to fight!

Diego Fortes from Fortes Miniatures has clearly been watching a few maritime movies in the “Master and Commander” mode. As he has just sculpted and released the figure he has created of the young Midshipman of that movie – check him out in our review of Diego’s latest released work…

Friday, February 21

Pegaso's latest mounted cavalryman -- ladies get in line - blinged up and sooo ritch!

Pegaso from Italy have sent us news of their latest figure (and horse) – from the Celtic Cavalry in the 12th/13th century…

Thursday, February 20

Nic takes a reve(aling) look at @what Revell has in store for us in 2014

Nothing makes me feel like a kid as a model-kit catalogue. I remember the fun I had when I received a catalogue and scribbled an “x” next to the models I wanted to have and build. Each time I took it,  more writing appeared in them... I guess I liked all of the kits...

Wednesday, February 19

A Lancia, a Yamaha, a Nakajima and a …..J-11? Lots more from Hasegawa this April!

We have some of the coolest cars, bikes (and a ship) coming in the preview of April’s new items from Hasegawa – something for most modellers in this bunch.

Tuesday, February 18

“Stylish Seasprite” François Laloux builds the new Kittyhawk Kaman SH-2F in 48th scale

Stop sniffing in boxes at garage-sales or dusty attics for that old 1/48 scale Matchbox Kaman Seasprite – Kitty Hawk produced a new one and it sure is a nice one! The Seasprite was the last helicopter that Kaman produced in numbers and although only 184 of the early SH-2 were built, it was for almost 40 years in service with the US Navy.

Monday, February 17

Finally some art we understand - we review the Art of Modelling's first printed English language magazine

Art of Modelling: For a long time one of the best magazines available on the hobby. But until up to now only available (in hard copy) in Dutch, French & German. However now the English speakers are in for a treat as we have the first volume of the English version of this mag up for review – how does it fare? Well read on to find out if it is indeed art we can appreciate…

Sunday, February 16

Comparison review: Barracuda studios Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Mainwheels

We were recently very glad to see the new MENG Me-163 Komet rocket fighter in 32nd scale hit our workbench. Firstly as it was a marked upgrade on our older Hasegawa kit and secondly we knew we would be getting a lot of aftermarket stuff to match it. Well that has happened for both of these kits with new mainwheels from Barracuda Studios that claim to improve on both the Hasegawa AND the MENG offering – but are they indeed an improvement? Read on to see…

Saturday, February 15

D-Day Miniature Studio's subjects of this month's new releases are "Tommies" and "Fritz"

D-Day Miniature Studio has been sending regular updates of a steadily improving and increasing range of figures – this month they have two new “Tommies” in 35th as a set and singularly as well as some tiny Germans that have lost no detail due t their diminutive 72nd scale. Let’s take a look shall we?

Flaps away as we look at the third PE set for the Tupolev Tu-2 with Gary's review...

We finish with a flap – or two Gary’s “trilogy” of Eduard Photo etched improvement kits for the Tupolev Tu-2 from Xuntong models. These sets add a lot of depth to the wings and if you have this kit they are worth a look.