Friday, March 7

Barracuda gets in Earla-y with their two new sets of Bf-109G-10 sheets including 14 new schemes!

There are PLENTY of very nice and very well researched colour schemes on BarracudaCals two new sets of decal sheets that are just about to hit the market. We take a look at each of the schemes and some of the sheets today in our preview…

Wednesday, March 5

Review: Kittyhawk's new F.1CT/CR Mirage in 1/48th scale

Having made and reviewed a few Kittyhawk kits who better than our man Gary to review Kittyhawk's new F.1CT/CR kit of the Mirage fighter in 48th scale. we take a look at this single seater to see if you can keep your Esci/Italeri kits you have in the stash - or make a bee-line to "Ebay" to sell yours off before someone else does!

Tuesday, March 4

Review: Life Miniature's new bust - "The Few"

Today we are lucky enough to get one of the new bust from Sang Eon Lee’s company Life Miniatures– either it is a bust of an RAF pilot in the battle of Britain or it is a man with a head of a human and that of a dog? Seriously let’s look at his Battle of Britain pilot and his pooch in our build review of “The Few”

Monday, March 3

Italeri's New/old releases to celebrate the D-Day anniversary are in the news today...

Italeri has released four kits that are in direct response to the anniversary of the D-Day landings in 1944. They have spruced up some of theirs and others kits to represent four of the cornerstones of the allied effort during the invasion..

Sunday, March 2

Andrea Miniatures are giving us "the itch"

If you are a classic movie fan or even someone who has watched the Oscars at least once you would know Marilyn Monroe and here iconic scene from the movie “Seven Year Itch” Well Andrea Miniatures has recreated this scene in their latest figure….

Saturday, March 1

Preview: Mr Black’s sets the scene in the first of a series of diorama books

Just released is Stelios Demiras’ latest book for Mr Black Productions is all about dioramas rather than figures. Being much more than just window dressing we think this release is just as important – It is called “Scale Model Handbook, Diorama Modelling 1” we have some preview details and images inside…

We preview the varied new kits that make up Revell of Germany’s February 2014 Releases

Revell of Germany’s February 2014 Releases have now some added pictures to them so you can see a little better what is in store for you before you take the plunge – there is a variety of kits here – I bet you would like at least one of them….

Friday, February 28

We paint a picture of Evolution Miniatures new figures in our triple build review

They don’t just get white by themselves do they? During the winter in the years of WWII the soldiers on the frontline often whitewashed their vehicles to help conceal them from the enemy – well Evolution Miniatures has made a new set of three soldiers in 35th scale that represent just this, let’s have a look at them in our build review…

Tuesday, February 25

BRR! We missed out on Sotchi but our gold medal winner is a German from Hungary? We review Pathos Miniature's latest

Pathos Miniatures from Sunny Greece - We have kept an eye on the new company’s releases and January saw the release of this figure – titled “Budapest 1945 SS Totenkopf Division” this bust features one of the hardest soldiers of the German Reich in some of the harshest conditions – let’s see what Pathos came up with in our review…

Monday, February 24

KV no’s 1 & 2 are the order of the day at the PEKO Publishing’s office…

In today’s news we take a look at PEKO Publishing’s latest pictorial on the KV tanks of the Soviet Union on the battlefields of WWII